All UNESCO World Heritage site has a unique touch which makes them stand out of crowd from other monuments. Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls are also one of unique UNESCO World Heritage Site, situated on the Western tip of Zimbabwe.  It known as ‘Seven Wonders of World’ due to its Smoke thunder falls. It is spectacular and largest waterfall around the world.

The Victoria Waterfall:

The Waterfall is 1.7-kilometer wide, holding 550-liters of water cascading 70—108 meters into the crater every minute. The Victoria Waterfall consists of five different waterfalls, of which four comes under Zimbabwe zone; namely: The Devil’s Cataract, Rainbow Fall, Main Falls, and Horseshoe Fall. While the Eastern Cataract border the country Zambia.

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls: Bunch of Spectacular View

 The Devil Cataract:

The Devil Cataract is 70-meters deep, adjacent to the Zambezi river. According to the histories of locals, local sacrificial ceremonies were conducted at Devil’s Cataract Point. These practices are considered as devilish hence it was also named with devil reference.

Main Falls:

This is most majestic waterfall from all, with wide gorgeous view the water cascades down 93-meter. As the water falls through the gorge below about 700,000 cubic metres of water each minute is thrown as a magnificent water spray that nourishes evergreen rainforest.

Horseshoe Point:

The shape of this point appears as Horseshoe, hence it is named as ‘Horseshoe Point’. It is a 95-meter deep, the best time to visit to catch a brilliant view is between October and November.

Victoria Falls

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls: Bunch of Spectacular View

Rainbow Falls:

It is one of the most attractive fall, with 108-meters deep and deepest of all other four points of Victoria Falls. A charming Rainbow can be seen from a viewpoint, hence the fall is named as ‘Rainbow Fall’.

Other Attractions:

David Livingstone Statue:

The David Livingstone Statue is situated at the end of fall on the left side near remarkable Devil’s Cataract viewpoint. Now you must be puzzled with name, who was this great man? Dr David Livingstone was an explorer and medical missionary who made two significant discoveries with Zambezi River. He was the first to discover the upper section of the Zambezi River from the east coast side, to catch the beautiful glimpse of Victoria Falls, and was named after the British Queen to let the world know about this.

The Big Tree:

This is another small tourist spot. Over a few years the large Baobab tree has become a tourist spot near the fall. The tree is huge 16-meter in diameter and 20-meters tall.

Victoria Falls Bunch of Spectacular View

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls Bunch of Spectacular View

Victoria Falls Bridge:

The bridge was designed in England, then was transported from Europe in small units. The bridge as then assembled on site linking Zambia and Zimbabwe in the year 1906. Over years, the bridge then became well-known Bungee-Jumping spot.

The Main Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Fall together covers an area of 56,000-hectares. The National Park holds large number of animals, which includes Elephants, Lions, Leopards, Buffalos, White Rhinoceros, Zebra, Eland, Kudu, Impala, Waterbuck and many other small species of animal. The National Park is also home to fishes of different species.

Best time to drop a visit to this park, to get great view is between November and March, when the climate is humid and hot, while in winter the climate is very pleasant.

Zambezi National Park

Zambezi National Park and Victoria Falls Bunch of Spectacular View

Other Activities to catch!

  • Fishing: Visitor carry their own gears and fishing tools to have fun time with fishing.
  • Boat Cruise: Sunset and early daytime are peak time to get a ride on a boat cruise.
  • Moon-light viewing: this offers a unique opportunity to view Lunar Rainbow and view of the falls during full moon.
  • Guided tours, Bungee jumping, helicopter ride, micro-light flight, white water rafting, tribal dance and many more activities can be done.

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