Yala National Park, situated in Sri Lanka is the second largest and most visited National Park. The Park is divided into five blocks, of which two blocks are only open for public. If you want to experience the wild scene of monkey’s crashing from one tree to another, ambling elephants, peacock at their finest style, visiting Yala National Park must be on your cards. Ruhunu the Jungle book gets glorious inspiration from this very National Park. Huge number of visitors are drawn toward this National Park due to its scenic view. A Safari to this Yala National Park will be worth of all efforts, time and off-course cost.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park: Dynasty of Leopards

About Yala National Park

The Yala National Park has two blocks namely ‘Ruhuna National Park’ and ‘Kumana National Park’. The Park is located at south-east side of the country. The National Park is spread on 979-square Kilometre. It was designated with the title of Wildlife sanctuary in year 1900. Wilpattu and Yala are first two National Park in Sri-Lanka. If you are Wildlife lover and want to capture animals’ moments, this park is worth to drop a visit. The park has earned quality of name for its variety of wild animals. The National Park is protected for rare species of animals, which are found in Yala National Park.

There are around six more national park and about 3-sanctuary near Yala. From them ‘Lunugamvehera National Park’ is largest Park. The park experiences dry and semi-arid climate. Yala National Park also holds picturesque landscape. It holds 215-species of birds, 44-species of mammals, and also highest leopard densities around the world. Yala is one of the 70-Important Bird Area in Sri-Lanka.


Yala National Park: Dynasty of Leopards


The Yala National Park is situated in lowest Peneplain, the area is quite dry with elevation of 30-metres. Since the park is situated in quite semi-arid climatic zone, it receives around 500-775 mm range of rain in monsoon. The Yala National Park also holds good record of eco-system with thorn forest, semi-deciduous forest, dry monsoon forest and marine wetland.

Focusing more on 215-bird species, bird-watching is delight at this place. The grey Hornbill, Sri Lanka Junglefowl, Wood-pigeon, Crimson Barbet, Brown capped babbler are few birds to name. Numerous water-bird can also be traced at Yala National Park. From Waterfowls to large water-birds huge variety offering treat to eyes can be viewed here!

The Yala National Park holds record of highest number of leopard around the world. It also holds around 300-00 elephants. The threatened species like Sri-Lankan Leopard, Sri-Lankan Sloth Bear and Wild water buffalo reside and conserved.

Trip to Yala

The best time to pay a visit at this place is between October and January. Visitors visiting must check for the booking. Yala is truly one of the finest park for sight-seeing and photography. The park is home to several species of animals from leopards to moneys, from crocodiles to wild bear and boar. Carrying a telephoto lens and strong zoom lens is a must if you don’t want to miss great wild-life photography.