Travelling to a new destination is always exciting, when you are young. But when you are the sole person taking responsibility of rest members, then it will be a difficult task not just to manage with budget and expense, but also to co-ordinate visiting places and rest. You must be very accurate and extract whole information about that travelling place. You must be very watchful if you are carrying too many items on tour. Avoid to carry too many items and heavy pockets. There are few cities around the world, which are worst for Pickpocketing.

Below are list of Top 10 Cities around the world which are rated as worst places for Pickpocketing. Here is guide you need to be attentive while visiting these places:

Worst Cities For Pickpockets

Worst Cities For Pickpockets Around The Globe

  • Barcelona:

Spanish Cities are known for its beauty, but this particular city called ‘Barcelona’ is also known for dangerous robing tricks. The Barcelona have few notorious robbers who keep an eye on tourist and attempt to robe or stole valuable stuffs. The crowded environment makes the environment a perfect place to implement pickpocketing skills.

  • Prague:

This city is known for its beautiful location in Europe Continent. Thousands of tourist flow to this destination to get more of this city. But only the unfortunate point with this city is very few leave with few amount of cash or valuable items with them. You need to get belt pocket sort of stuffs to protect your money, or wallets which can be safely handled.

Worst Cities For Pickpockets

Worst Cities For Pickpockets Around The Globe

  • Rome:

Rome is also a popular tourist attractions in the world. This reputation and the crowded places visited by the visitors also draws interest of the anti-social elements like thieves. They can have easy chances of pickpocketing in these famous sights thronged by the visitors. The visitors must exercise caution while touring in this city.

  • Madrid:

Madrid the capital of Spain is also capital of pickpocketing of the world. Though Spain is popular for very many things, Madrid is known for being most notorious city with pick-pocketing thieves. The market area and metro area is prime zone for such activity. If you are planning to visit this city in coming months, be alert and pretty watchful over activities happening around.

  • Paris:

Paris, A city for romance or say lover’s city. The movies, locals around and so, Paris have created an image of Romantic city around the world. No other city might be known for having romantic walk or Romantic dinner, but none other than Paris is stated with such adjectives. Lovers walk holding hands and lovely talks, which makes the thieves an easy mark to attempt and make pick pocketing act. The pick-picketers patrols the street and robe on crowded markets or metro lines.

Worst Cities For Pickpockets

Worst Cities For Pickpockets Around The Globe

  • Buenos Aries:

This City is known as wealthiest city in entire South America. The power and greed of money attract these rogues to robe or pick-pocket acts. A tourist must be very alert while visiting this city. One of the known trick is to push an unknown person on tourist and get ideal moment to pick-pocket.

  • Amsterdam:

One of delightful place to visit, this is an amazing tourist spot you need to visit. At Amsterdam, even thieves at this place will welcome you to the city. Being careless will help thieves at this city to easily robe your valuable items?

These are few Cities which are known for its worst pick-pocketing.