Bali is a wonderful spot for a vacation – whether as part of a larger group or individually. There are plenty of amazing reasons to visit the Indonesian island, but it certainly isn’t as simple as hopping on a plane and expecting to have a wonderful time – especially if you’re heading out as a single.

Let’s look at five key things you’ll definitely need to know if you’re heading out to Bali on your own this summer (or anytime in the future).

  • Methanol in drinks
What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

If you’re out and about drinking, make sure you’re not falling prey to establishments which offer up methanol instead of ethanol in their drinks.

This cheaper version of alcohol is illegal, yet is continuing to serve as a prevalent substitute for the real stuff in a number of bars and clubs across Bali.

Make sure you do some research on the places you’re heading to before you go out drinking – these drinks are toxic and can have deadly consequences.

  • Yoga

While that might sound a little scary, there’s plenty of positive things you can also get involved with as a singleton out in Bali.

Yoga is a popular activity across the nation, with plenty of classes running for both locals and tourists alike.

Whether it’s at the Yoga Barn or the Prana Spa, there’s no end of amazing places to practice your downward dog or tree pose, as you hone your skills as a true professional.

  • Watch out for the roads
What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

It’s a little mind-boggling to learn an Aussie dies in Bali every nine days with the primary cause of this coming in the form of chaos on the roads.

All it takes to get a permit for a scooter is an internationally proven driver’s license and the ability to pass a very simple written test at the Densapar police station.

With so many people taking to over-congested streets, it’s additionally important to ensure you avoid disaster – with no close friend on hand to help you out if you’re caught up in an accident.

  • You can tick lots of stuff off your bucket list
What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

What You Need To Know About Going To Bali As A Solo

There are debatably more “once in a lifetime” spots to check out in Bali than any other location on Earth – with lots of elite tourist activities all crammed together.

Whether its sky-diving, deep sea diving or swimming with dolphins, you’ll find something truly unique which you’ll have the freedom to get involved with at your leisure – no travel buddy means no restrictions on your dreams.

  • It’s great stress relief

Alright, it sounds corny and a little cliché, but a relaxing trip away to an idyllic paradise such as Bali is a fantastic way for the spirit to unwind and let go of stress.

Thinking time is always good for you and lying back in the relaxing Indonesian sun while sipping on something alcoholic and refreshing will help the worries of life seep away.

Whatever you choose to do, if it’s relaxing and gives you time to contemplate life, you’ll be able to slowly transcend from a pent-up-rage-ball to a carefree hippie.

Thinking about taking a trip to Bali on your own this year? If you pay heed to some of the advice, warnings and suggestions we’ve made here, you should have the time of your life.

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