Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort, a historical fort. While reading about history of all forts and temple, I hardly remember anything with this site I read. Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort is a historical place with temple, you will also find ancient rocks. The so called Rock fort is situated at Tamil Nadu, in the city of Tiruchirapalli, hence known as Tiruchirapalli Rock Fort or Trichy Rock Fort. The Fort has two temple within the complex of fort one of Shiva and other of Ucchi Pillaiyar Koil.

This spot is becoming as one of  Tourist attraction now-a-days. Also the Nayaka-era fort and Ganesa temple is popular to visit for. According to geological dating of the rocks, the temple is around one billion years ago.

The fort has played good quality of role in Carnatic war, which helped a lot to establish foundation for British Empire in India.

Rock Fort Temple

Trichy Rock Fort Temple A Site Vanished From History Pages

The very first structure was built by Pallavas, in AD or so. Then in Cholas period, ‘Woraiyur’ became their capital. After that the ‘Pallavas’ lost battle due to their week strategy. Then in late 16-century the Nayakas took the control of the fort. The Nayaka’s were very strong and control the whole region with good powerful rules.

Today, the fort is controlled by ‘Archeological Study of India’. Today, the government of Tamil Nadu has maintained this spot very well, and gathering good amount of Tourist attraction.

Architecture Note:

According to architectural note, the rock is said to be formed 3.8 billion years ago or so. The rock is said to be older than Himalayas. The fort is situated at around 83-meters high.

According to history pages, Pallavas contstructed this fort, but it was Nayakas who maintained and made good use of that.

Rock Fort Temple

Trichy Rock Fort Temple A Site Vanished From History Pages

More about temple

To say about the temple, according to the architectural view, the temple is of two section.

  • One , the lower part , which is also called as main Cave temple
  • While other is the complex. This complex is way to Ucchi Pillayar Kovil, it is right outside the Thayumanswamny.

The Lower cave temple has very unique sort of pillar which are very special, as these sort of pillar are nowhere exhibited in rest of other temples in that complex.

There is a Pavilion and a tank, at foot of the rock fort. This tank is only used in festivals in temple. The fort’s gate was known as ‘Main Guard Gate’. This main guard gate is main entrance, enclosing the margin of rock fort. This main entrance opens at North side.