Traveling around the globe is the great fun provided you follow certain ethics & protocols. While touring, you may come across myriad predicaments that can not only blow up your mind, but also make you feel awkward, provided you fail to handle the situation. However, knowing the basic etiquette’s of traveling or Travel Protocol may save you from entangling with the frustrating ugly scenarios. You may feel empowered & confident enough to deal with most of the minor challenges which may otherwise kill your joy of touring. Here we present a list of general ‘Travel protocols that will make your every journey memorable one’!

  •  If you missed your flight:
Be ready to rebook your ticket. Waste time & report your airline immediately.
Try desperately to catch the flight if you are already checked in as some airports allow boarding as late as 15 min. before the departure. Expect to get rebooked on a different flight. You have no choice but to book a new ticket.
  •      If you come across rash taxi drivers:       
Note down the car number or medallion. Scream at the driver. Try to request as politely as you can.
Pay the fare & ask for receipt as it will help in lodging the complaint. Stick to your ride if you feel unsafe.
  • If your co-commuter is occupying your share of the seat:
Mark your space early & put the armrests down. Be ignorant about the airplane-etiquettes.
Be aware of your neighbor’s physical size & switch your seat if possible, with the help of flight attendants. Be passive/ aggressive by pushing your seatmate cunningly to grab your share. Instead, be straightforward & state your inconvenience using appropriate words.
  • If your seatmate is a lousy snorer:
Awaken the fellow gently. Be embarrassed to occupy the empty seat if available, with the attendant’s consent.
Ask the attendants for earplugs. Ask the attendant to wake him/her up.
  • If you lost your phone:
Change the passwords of your accounts saved on your device as soon as possible. Be ignorant to lodge an official complaint for your lost gadget.
Try to track the phone either by calling or using GPS-based apps. Delay to report your mobile service provider to freeze all your services.
  • If you fall prey to the pocket-picker’s tricks:
If it is the passport that you lost in the theft, immediately rush to consular officials & avail the replacement. Forget to cancel all the credit/ debit card facilities.
Lodge the complaint to the local police station. Expect to receive the replacement for your lost cards within shorter duration.
  • How to get snapshots of the locals without being offensive:
Have a friendly chat with your target group, admire them or share a laugh. Persuade too hard.
Ask for prior permission before clicking the button. Play tricks to catch up a snap expecting you may get away with it.
  • How to deal with the exaggerated hotel bills:
Pay attention to the warnings if hotel officials try to inform you with the additional charges for certain services. Hesitate to ask for the details of the charges obligated in your bill.
Be aware of the facilities you avail during your stay in the hotel. Be afraid to stand by your side & seek for the help of the manager to resort the issue.
  • If you damage the Hotel property unintentionally:
Evaluate the damage caused by you & pay the penalty if the damage is substantial. Hassle if the damage is minor & easily fixable. More often than not, the hotel will let you go without asking for the reimbursement.
Plead the hotel officials for your unintentional mistakes & try to be honest & truthful to avoid further embarrassments. Just try to hide the mess or try to fix it by yourself if the damage is considerable. It’s always a good idea to compensate for sabotage as anyhow, your deeds won’t go unnoticed.
  •  If you want to bargain while shopping:
Ascertain the amount you wish to pay. It is always advisable to observe how much locals are paying before making any deal. Be aware of the pricing of the things you wish to buy in order to avoid lowballing.
Enjoy the shopping. Be zestful & amiable with the vendors. Demonstrate crave for the object. Be ready to walk away if the deal is not up to your expectations.
  •  How to avert the danger of food poisoning:
Take hints from locals. The crowded eating places clearly depict its popularity among locals, which invariably guarantees the freshness of the food articles. Ignore the quality of potable water. Trust only properly sealed bottled water.
Be watchful regarding the cleanliness, hygiene & appropriate handling of the food articles. Be ignorant about the danger of food poisoning. Stay prepared with antibiotics that may help treat the initial symptoms of food poisoning.
  •  If you find your hotel neighbors are too boisterous to tolerate:
Inform the manager in-charge & let him resolve the matter. Try to deal with neighbor by yourself which may lead to more serious consequences if the neighbor is non-co-operative.
Be prepared with the earplugs. Ask other hotel residents to intervene.
  •  If you wish to get the attention of the waiter:
Hold your nerves. Waiters may be busy in serving other guests. Be too animated. Use more formal ways to draw the waiter’s attention.
Seek manager’s help if you feel ignorant even after waiting for too long. Make assumptions regarding the hotel service too early. In some countries, guests wait until the waiter gets ready to serve.