Who doesn’t like travelling, travelling gives you an awesome experience. Travelling abroad gives you an excellent opportunity to explore different things. Not too many people get opportunities to visit new places. If not planned in the good way, Travelling might head to stressful state. At the end of the trip, people keep calculating how much was spent and how much was saved? Here are a few ‘Travel Hacks To Save Money Abroad’.

  • Ditch Hotel, try for Homestay

If you are planning for holidays, this travel hack, tip will help you save lot of money. Instead of looking for a hotel, opt for Homestay. Homestay option will help you to know more about the place, people, culture and tradition. This option will also help you to save handful of money.

  • Rolled clothes will save space!

Stuffing bags and falling shortage of space is the thing we commonly face. Instead of folding and arranging clothes, one must try to roll clothes which might save good space to pack other things. You might get saved by charging excess baggage cost.

Travel Hack - Save Money Abroad

Travel Hacks To Save Money Abroad

  • Free Wi-fi

Calling might give you high calling rates. Skipping calling and getting connected over Wi-Fi with messaging service might help you to save few pennies. Many hotels now-a-days offer Wi-Fi which can be used by travelers visiting the place.

  • International SIM Card

Travelling with Indian or your local SIM might give you high calling rates which at end might give you a heavy expensive bill. At such time, international SIM card plays a crucial role. With International SIM Card one can make free call with few MB data packs as a bonus. And, last but not least the best part is, you can settle bills after returning home.

  • Flight Tickets

Note to book round trip, this will save your money. Round trip fares are much cheaper as compared to separate single trip tickets. There are several online travel agencies which will offer you great prices with an amount of discount. Also, remember to clear cache or check airfare by switching to incognito mode. As most of website drop cookies on visitors browsers and later increase the price when searched for the same destination.

  • Saving Hard Earn Cash

Every one of us buy or purchase currency of a particular country before visiting that respective place. Using a credit card can be easy option, but few people charge a conversion fee to convert the forex. Hence, advice to check for particular day when the conversion rate is low, or go with cash which is the best option.

Travel Hacks - Save Money Abroad

Travel Hacks To Save Money Abroad

  • Make you Bills perfect

Yes, few countries allow you to pay tax refund, which are part of shopping and retail therapy. But be sure, your bills are perfect and intact while entering for the check. If you make a purchase at Airport, you are eligible for a tax refund.

  • Travel off-season

Make a new trend, prefers travelling off-season, this will save almost 50% of the amount. Yes, you can ditch the extra crowd.