Metropolitan Museum of Art NYC is also known as ‘The Met Museum’ located in the New York City. The Met Museum is one of the largest art museums in the world. The Museum is popular for containing more than 2-million art items belonging to 19 different sections. There is also a smaller section of art in upper Manhattan, which has medieval art display. Today, the Museum is most visited site at the eastern edge along with Manhattan Museum Mile which is largest art gallery spread on 2-million square feet.

About the Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

The Met Museum has a wide collection of Ancient Egypt, antiques, sculptures, painting, modern art and many more. Several historic piece of art from all continents are on display, it illustrates different culture of Africa, Asia and many more. The Museum also has a collections of weapons, musical instruments, costumes, armour and different accessories from different corners of world. The Interior of the Museum too is regal reflecting modern age designs and style.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

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Several people from different place to begin this Museum in the year 1870. The people who initiated the idea were financiers, businessman, artist who had a notion to present art in unique style in front of the American Citizen. The Museum was opened for public in the year 1872. Today, the Metropolitan is known for rich colour combination and sleekness. The lighting effect, in the interior part of the Museum gives charming and royal touch to all antiques. The Gothic style structure is governed under New York administration.

About the precious collections

The Metropolitan Museum collection of antiques and other precious things are cared by 17-separate curatorial departments. The collection belongs to ancient and modern times. The Met has greatly maintained holdings of African, Asian, Islamic art, Byzantine and many more. It is also holds a great range of different accessories from the 1st century.

Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

Travel Guide On Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

The Museum began in late if 19th century, when the officials started acquiring artefacts and art collections from the Near East. From few seals and cuneiform tablets, the Museum grown to 7,000 more art stuffs. Today, the collection ranges from the Neolithic Period, Sasanian Empire, the Sumerian, Hittite, Assyrian, Elamite and Babylonian.

Asian Art Section

The Asian art department holds more than 35,000 pieces. The collections are a gift to museum from several philanthropists. Today, an entire building or say a wing is dedicated to the Asian collection, which spans 4,000 years old. Chinese Calligraphy and painting, Tibetan work, Nepalese part of art are worthy to note. Another amazing thing to look for is a Ming Dynasty style garden at the Asian Wing, which is modelled on courtyard.

Egyptian Art

Major of Egyptian collection comes from a private collection of items which were uncovered during archaeological excavation, which was carried between the year 1906 and 1941. Around more than 26,000 of art pieces excavated from the Palaeolithic era through Roman Era, all are displayed in Egyptian wing.

Temple Of Dendur - Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

Travel Guide On Metropolitan Museum Of Art NYC

The Temple of Dendur is the popular centrepiece of the Egyptian department, it is considered as one of the most enduring attractions. While, Archeulian set from Deir El-Bahri belonging from Palaeolithic Period is also part of this section of the Museum.

Tickets Price (Approx. rate)

Adult: 20$

Senior: 15$ (above 65-years)

Students: 10$

Free for members and children below 12-years.