Canaima National Park is a Park located in South- Eastern Venezuela, which occupies area of Gran Sabana region. The Park is located in Bolivar State which reaches the border of Guyana and Brazil. It is the second largest park in the country and 6th biggest around the world. As per the measurements, the Park is said to be the size of Maryland.

About the National Park

The Canaima National Park is spread over 3-million hectares of land. It is known as a gateway to the Angels Fall. Although, there are other lagoons and waterfall too and can be easily accessible from the Canaima Camp. The Park is declared as UNESCO World Heritage Site.

In year 1962, the Venezuelan Government declared the place as a National Park. Previously, the place was only 1-million hectare, which was expanded by adding more hectares, and by the year 1975, it was made largest National Park from around the world.

Canaima National Park

Travel Guide For Canaima National Park

About 65% of the Park’s land is occupied by plateaus rock which is known as tepius. The Tepius are sort of table top mountain dated back million years old, with flat tops and vertical walls. The famous Tepius, ‘Mount Roraima’ is not just a popular place, but also a known as an adventure corner around the globe. The unique biological environment attracts thousands of visitors and is considered as greatest interest. The spectacular Angel waterfall and cliffs adds charm to the National Park.

Flora & Fauna

The grassy Savannahs and dramatic table top with moriche plain and waterfall makes the place more stunning and impressive. Variety of wildlife can be seen in this National Park. It includes Poison Arrow Frogs, Monkeys, giant anteaters, porcupines, armadillos, jaguar, pumas, capybaras and many more. These Mammals are sometimes difficult to spot, while some birds like Vulture, White Bellbird, Cock of the rock, musician wren and so can be easily spotted.

Canaima National Park

Travel Guide For Canaima National Park


Frequent rainstorms are experienced in this area. The driest season can be experienced between Decembers to April. If you are planning to visit this place, then going through the best time to visit is must!

How To Reach?

The small settlement at Canaima can be negotiated by foot. One can reach to the place by 30-minutes of walk from closest point on river, while reaching to the base of the fall is not easy. It is advised to take hiking shoes and other hike materials. The place can also be reached by boats or waterways. Goldilocks is the best season, in this period the water level is not too high nor low. One can travel through motorised canoes.

If you are hunting for accommodation, then visiting Canaima Camp or Campamentos are the best option to go for. There are several camping accommodations which differ with quality and price. But dropping a visit to this place is totally a worthy time to invest!