Panama City is developing to be nicknamed as Miami of South, with its fast growing high-rise buildings and towers. There are plenty of opportunities in the city of Panama for the tourists who can enjoy the beaches, though, then there are not as many beaches as in Miami. Panama City is Central America’s popular historic and cosmopolitan center.

Important tourist spots

Panama Viejo

Panama Viejo - Attractions In Panama City

Tourist Attractions In Panama City

This part is Old Panama which has the ruins of the old city, the first on the Pacific Coast of America.  This first Spanish City was founded by Pedro Arias de Avila in 1519 and it is the place from which the expedition began the expedition of conquering the Inca Empire in Peru. The Spanish had kept most of the gold and silver looted in the conquest of Inca here. However, pirate Henry Morgan with his 1400 men ransacked the city in 1671, today one can only see and admire the bits and remains there.

Casco Viejo

Casco Viejo - Tourist Attractions In Panama City

Tourist Attractions In Panama City

When the old city was looted and destroyed in 1671. This walled city was built few kilometers away from the old city to safeguard from the future attacks from the pirates. Till the beginning of the 20th century the place Casco Viejo had well developed into a city. When Panama City developed most of the elite group citizens shifted to Panama City abandoning the Casco Viejo thus the place lost its glory. However, due to the recent development in this area the past glory is regained to a great deal. Today Casco Viejo has formed a main attraction in Panama City tour.

Miraflores Locks 

Panama Canal MirafloresLocks - Attractions In Panama City

Tourist Attractions In Panama City

The man-made Panama Canal built in 1914 connected Atlantic Ocean and the Pacific Ocean changed the entire complexion of the shipping and travelling. This Canal allows the ships to pass through a series of locks enroute. Miraflores Locks is one of them and the easiest and the best amongst them. There is an erected platform for the visitors to have a close and a good look at the operations in this Lock.

Amadore causeway

Amador Causeway - Attractions In Panama City

Tourist Attractions In Panama City

The Amador Causeway connects the entrance to the Panama Canal to the mainland connecting the three islands. This is a picturesque spot, for a good weekend outing and the visitors can indulge in jogging, cycling or enjoy on the roller skates. There are a number of restaurants and bars to quench the thirst and also serve meals.

Isla Taboga

Isla Taboga - Attractions In Panama City

Tourist Attractions In Panama City

Isla Taboga is an island around 20 kilometers away from Panama City and is popular tourist destination for the people in Panama City. The place offers ample opportunities for the tourist for enjoying the trip, they can enjoy the sandy beach, ride the Jet Ski, speed boats and also go on a fishing expedition in the chartered boats. The place is known to have been established in 1515 by the Spanish, there is a charming village around for the visitors which also has an old church the second oldest church known. This Island is also popular for the sweet fragrant flowers.