It’s rightly said by someone, this world is Pandora box.  God only knows! What exciting and unbelievable places are hidden in different corner of world? This blog will help you to extract top secret places you won’t believe are hidden in different nooks and corner of the world. Here are few Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit!

The very most place that open this list is:

  • Italy: Ristorante Grotta Palazze
Ristorante Grotta Palazze

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit

If you are of idea to go on date with your special one, to feel cooling night breeze with a class dinner, then Ristorante Grotta Palazze  is a sure place you are hunting for. This is most unique place, situated 74-feet above sea level inside cave. Yes, you have heard it very right, the Ristorante Grotta Palazze is a restaurant inside carved cliff. The ambience of this place is very pleasant. Surely this is one of the greatest place to have a candle light dinner.

  • Croatia: Dubrovnik
dubrovnik croatia

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit

This spot is listed as UNESCO, World Heritage site. It is one of the very prominent spot in Mediterranean. This city very much looks like picturesque. This location was also used in Games of Thrones. The architecture too is amazing, and surrounded by water.

  • Burma: Bagan

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit

It is one of the ancient city located in Burma. This temple is noted as second most top tourist attraction next to Angkor Wat. The temple was built around 9th to 13th century, it was also known as capital of Pagan Kingdom. There were around 4,000 temples built which also had Buddhist temples, pagodas, monasteries and so. But presently around 2,200 temple stand still on the ground.

This is only place which is divided into two categories: one with GU-STYLE hollow temple and other with stupa-style. The stupa is also called pagoda, massive sort of structure with a relic cavity inside.

  • Hawaii: Haiku Stairs
Haiku Stairs

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit – Hawaii: Haiku Stairs

This destination is known as steps to Heaven. The steps are wooden made, the repairing cost done in year 2003, was about $875,000. The elevation is about 2,800 feet high. It is one of the very steep hiking trail located in Hawaii.

  •  Utah: Monument Valley

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit

This Monument Valley will remind location of cowboy movie. This very place is located on Stateline of Utah – Arizona.  The valley lies on Colorado Plateau region. This spot is very much popular, visitor can also drive by paying respective price of fees. The Navajo Park is also popular and grabbing more tourist. Grabbing a good click is dream of many photographers, the stars and moon that light up at night gives a brilliant view. The climate is mixed sort of, extreme cold like desert and sweating hot in daytime.

  •  Germany: Herrenchiemsee

Top Unbelievable Secret Places To Visit

Always wondered to live king size life! Here it is. Yes, The Herrenchiemsee Palace is a royal structure, the structure is so huge, such that it can be called as royal complex. It is located on island of Chiemsee.

This Palace was purchased by ‘King Ludwig II’, he then converted this to royal residence. This is known as one of the largest palace. The Garden, Architecture and its brilliant structure design with interior is unmatchable to any of other palaces.