Old San Jaun is situated on a small and narrow island lying in the North coast, around 56 Km. from the eastern end of Puerto Rico. It can be accessed from Puerto Rico by three bridges; it is the oldest settlement in Puerto Rico and has rich historic background. The place was glorified when it was listed in the U.S. National Register of historic places in 1972 and further   drew attention in March 2013 whence it was declared as National Historic Landmark District. Being a tourist destination English is fairly common language, though not universally spoken.


Old San Jaun is the historically significant small part of the San Jaun city in the western half of the island, which is distinct from the rest of the city. It was founded in the year 1509, the walled city guards the main entrance to Spanish terrain. Old San Jaun has no beaches, no resorts nor the exquisite natural scenic beauty, but has rich historic background as it has withstood many attacks from the British and Dutch forces. It is aptly considered as Gibraltar of West Indies.

Old San Juan

Old San Juan: Marvelous Tourist Attraction

The place has more than 500 years of historical background, lovely colonial architecture that makes it as an enchanting tourist destination. There are massive fortresses El Morro and La Fortaleza are prominent amongst them. The governor’s mansion “La Fortaleza “is also termed as fortress as it was the defensive structure in the earlier settlements.

Dining in Puerto Rico is quite interesting, from the Rican cuisine to international cuisine there are variety of option available for the foodies. Fortaleza Street is particularly popular for offering wide variety of delicacies in various cuisines. There are some of the best restaurants here that make Fortaleza Street popular as Restaurants Row.  There is biannual culinary festival held in South Fortaleza commonly known as “SoFo”.

Tourist Spot

San Juan

Old San Juan: Marvelous Tourist Attraction

The tourists can enjoy sunset at Paseo La Princesa, which stretches from the docks at the foot of the city to the lovely fountain, the Raices Fountain. One can have the picturesque views of the bay from the fountain in the evening where the tourists can enjoy stroll.

Old San Jaun also offers a vivid and enjoyable nightlife. There are plenty of bars and clubs known to offer active nightlife for the tourists, Old San Jaun seems to come to life and does not remain old after the sun goes down.

Worth visiting is the monument of La Rogativa, located in the corner of the city near San Jaun fate, which has lovely sculpture of the great legend of Puerto Rico. The history quotes that in 1797 during the British invasion on Old San Jaun, when the defeat was imminent; a priest led a religious procession through the city. Due to this eventually the British abandoned the attack.

Street of San Juan

Old San Juan: Marvelous Tourist Attraction

There are numerous art galleries in the old city that are worth visiting that vary from hole in the wall to elegant spacious location. There are more than 20 galleries all over the old city.  Most outstanding amongst them is the Galeria Botello. Besides this there are other galleries worth visiting such as Obra Galeria and Galeria Sanchez and the Sienna art gallery.

Many tourists are caught unaware of the sun exposure while walking on the streets, but one must remember that sunblock is available at many malls and shops. The tourists must wear good walking shoes to deal with the hills and the streets that are covered with cobblestone.