Divine, unbelievable, phenomenal, incredible, beautiful…. The list may continue, but you won’t be able to describe ‘New Zealand’ in a single word! The country may look tiny in appearance; it has no shortage of the natural beauty! ‘New Zealand’ has some of the well-preserved forests in the world. The rugged beauty of its snow-capped & mist-cloaked mountains has no match in the world. Gigantic glaciers occupy the major area of the highlands, while the lush meadows paint the landscape with exotic green color! Crystalline lakes, fjords & sandy beaches complete its ornamentation!

The magical land of ‘New Zealand’ is full of natural surprises. Here we present you Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand you shouldn’t miss, when traveling in this exotic country!

  • Bay of Islands:
Bay of Islands - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

The cluster of nearly 144 emerald islands, which appear to be floating on the azure waters, makes the phenomenal ‘Bay of Islands’ one of the most dramatic sites in the world! The islands are blessed with rich sandy beaches & secluded bays, whereas the surrounding sea houses abundant marine life, including gigantic whales, marlins, dolphins & penguins. The site is one of the most celebrated holiday destinations in the country & it serves as a happy playground for the sailors, yachters & sport fishermen! The ‘Bay of Islands’ is located in the ‘Northland’ region.

  • Coromandel Peninsula:
Coromandel Peninsula - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Renowned for the magical thermal beach called Hot Water Beach, the ‘Coromandel Peninsula’ is the house of some of the best beaches & virgin forests in ‘New Zealand’! The ‘Hot Water Beach’ is a magnificent example of the natural wonder, wherein, the underground hot water spring that rises up from the sands, provide tourists the luxury of spa pools right along the seashore. People dig a ditch in the sand & wait to get it filled with the warm water & get soaked into it, admiring the exotic beauty of this wonderland.

Apart from the ‘Hot Water Beach’, the ‘Coromandel Peninsula’ also hosts spectacular temperate rain forests featuring the world’s tallest fern trees, while the inland region is occupied by towering hills of an extinct volcano. This region is famous among the trekkers & hikers, who make their way to the top of the hills to get a scintillating panoramic view of the entire ‘Coromandel Peninsula’!

  • Cook National Park:
Mt Cook National Park - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

The snow-capped peak of Mt. Cook that soars some 3754 meters is regarded as the tallest mountain in ‘New Zealand’! Mt. Cook & its surrounding alpine region are part of the ‘World Heritage Sites’ in the South Westland region. The alpine region is famous for possessing numerous trails that range from a pleasurable 2-3 hours long walks to difficult tracks, which require some serious mountaineering skills!

The Tasman Glacier is the most eminent tourist attraction of this region. The helicopter ride takes the visitor on top of the glacier, while demonstrating some of the inaccessible parts of this alpine heaven. You can descend down the glacier by skiing if you are a great skiing fanatic. The ‘Tasman Glacier’ is the longest glacier in the country & the ski track is one of the longest running ski-track in the world!

  • Rotorua:
Rotorua - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Renowned for the astonishing geothermal activities, ‘Rotorua’ is considered as one of the highlights of amazing ‘New Zealand’! The extraordinary geothermal reserves like Waimangu, Waiotapu & Te Puia, which are located in this part of the world, are full of volcanic terraces, geysers, boiling pools, hot water springs, craters & fume-holes. The fumes, which hover over the hot pools & springs, give this area a mystical, smoky appearance!

Apart from the geothermal activities, ‘Rotorua’ is famous for a bountiful of crystalline lakes, ideal for swimming & fishing. The surrounding alpine area is the trekker’s paradise since it has plenty of options for trekking. The volcanic hill, Mt. Tarawera, in particular, is hot favorite among the trekkers as it boasts a stupendous view inside the rim of the volcano. ‘Rotorua’ is also famous as a residence of indigenous Maori tribe, which is famous for its adorable, all-inclusive culture & courteous behavior towards the tourists!

  • Tongariro National Park:
Tongariro National Park - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

The park of the extreme landscapes, which include azure lakes, bush-land, active volcanoes & arid plateaus, is reckoned as one of the oldest national parks in the world! The park is famous for 3 active volcanoes- Mt. Ruapehu, Ngauruhoe & Tongariro, located at the center of the park. The world famous one-day trek, Tongariro Crossing is the premium attraction of this park as it demonstrates the best view of the park’s amazing assets!

During the winter, the park becomes the playground for the skiers, since it has the most number of ski tracks on New Zealand’s North Island. This iconic park is located in the Taupo region.

  • Queenstown:
Queenstown - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

The birthplace of the spine-chilling Bungee Jumping & a bevy of other adventure sports, the beautiful city of ‘Queenstown’ is the Mecca for all the adrenaline junkies around the world! This spectacular town has got absolutely no shortage of the fun & adventure activities & is regarded as the Kiwi’s most favorite recreational destination. All the adventure sport fanatics come here to enjoy activities like Parapenting, White Water Rafting, Jet Boating, Skiing & of course, for ‘Bungee Jumping’! The skiing in ‘Queenstown’ is considered the best in the southern hemisphere.

‘The hub of nerve-wrecking activities’ is not the only identity of ‘Queenstown’. This picturesque city has many lucrative offerings in the form of shops, cafes & restaurants for the people loving laid-back life! The Z-shaped Wakatipu Lake & the imposing mountains that rise high in the background, create a breathtaking sight! ‘Queenstown’ is located in the Otago region of the ‘Southern Island’ & is considered as one of the most beautiful cities in the world!

Fjordland National Park - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Probably the most beautiful place on the planet, the incredible ‘Fjordland National Park’, famous globally as the location of the blockbuster ‘The Lord of the Rings’ movie series, is the biggest national park in ‘New Zealand’. The staggering landscape of this park is unarguably the nature’s finest creation as it has absolutely no shortage of the natural beauty. The glittering fjords, soaring, mist-clad mountains, thick blanket of thriving forest & a thousand of cascading waterfalls paint such a mesmerizing portrayal, the beauty of which, can never be explained in words!

This otherworldly national park houses unbelievable places like Milford Sound, famous for its divine coastal beauty that pulls the maximum crowd. Some of the most celebrated trekking routes, including the Milford Track & the Routeburn Track in the park magnetize the trekkers & hikers from all over the world. The thundering Sutherland Falls, reckoned as one of the tallest waterfalls in the world & the remarkable Mitre Peak Mountain that emerges straight out of the ocean rising 1600 meters up in the air, play their parts in conjuring the visitors with their beauty! No visit to ‘New Zealand’ is complete without visiting this unbelievable paradise on the earth!

  • Kaikoura:
Kaikoura - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

The small town of ‘Kaikoura’, situated along the eastern coast of ‘South Island’, is recognized for its breathtaking beauty & ample of marine life! The town is one of the few places in the world, where massive whales show up all the year round! The coastline of ‘Kaikoura’ is also loved by several other marine creatures, including sperm whales, fur seals, dolphins & albatrosses. More often than not, Kaikoura’s shoreline gets thronged by the swimmers, fishermen & divers. The inner part of the town houses thick forest cover, ideal for camping & hiking. The restaurants in the town are famed for various gourmet seafood dishes. The elegant town of ‘Kaikoura’ is situated in the Canterbury province of ‘New Zealand’.

  • Abel Tasman National Park:
Abel Tasman National Park - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

New Zealand’s smallest national park, ‘Abel Tasman’, comes fully loaded with some of the densest jungles in the world! The shoreline of this stunning region is the most dramatic of all. A thin lining of silver sand that separates the sapphire-colored sea from the emerald land forms a visual delight. The national park is famous for innumerable hiking trails, which offer the best opportunities to explore the awe-inspiring beauty of temperate rain forest in the park.

Vehicles are prohibited in the park & it can be accessed via sea planes, boats or on foot. Kayaking is also very much popular along the shoreline as it gives a fantastic opportunity to access all the beaches & explore the forest. The park is located in the Nelson province!

  • Westland National Park:
Westland National Park - Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

Top Tourist Attractions In New Zealand

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The ‘Westland National Park’, located in the ‘South Westland’, is the home of the rugged mountains, thick Beech forest & two iconic glaciers- Franz Josef & Fox! The glaciers are known as some of the most easy to access glaciers in the world, thanks to their proximity to the shoreline. One can reach up to the foot of the glaciers by walking, while a helicopter ride is required to access the tops. The heavy rainfall in this region has conceived a dense forest around the foothills. The lush forest, glaciers, snow-capped mountains & the surrounding sea forms a dramatic sight that blows the minds of the onlookers!