Lima is the capital of Peru and the largest city in Peru. Lima is most enchanting city to visit due to the speciality blending the past with the present. The city has a number of museums, many in the modern buildings and few of them in old colonial building. Visitors can take a stroll on the beach or can relish the Peruvian delicacies. The night life in Lima offers the visitors good opportunity of disco, there is also a magic show featuring dancing water fountains. The top tourist attractions at Lima are enlisted.

  • Miraflores District:
Lima Miraflores District - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions At Lima

Miraflores is most scenic and exclusive neighbourhood in Lima. Located on the edge of the Pacific Ocean, it is a beach resort and entertainment centre in Lima. The beach is very popular with the lovers of surfers and paragliders. The district has a confluence of colonial housing and modern marvellous high rise towers. There are plenty of bars, clubs and casinos for the interested visitors. There are also lots of shopping avenues for the visitors who have liked for the Peruvian art and craft.

  • Huaca Pucllana:

Located in Miraflores is Huaca Pucllana which is the ancient monument that appeals the travellers. This great pyramid was built around 500 but was discovered only in the mid 20th century. Archaeologists believe that Huaca Pucllana was the ceremonial ad administrative centre in the previous era of Lima. Human sacrifices were done in the past here as a custom.

Huaca Pucllana - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions In Lima

  • Lima Cathedral:
Lima Cathedral - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions At Lima

The original Lima Cathedral making started in 1535 and the same was expanded a number of times in the following years. The original structure of the cathedral was destroyed plenty of times due to earthquake, finally it was demolished and a totally new cathedral was built afterwards. The ornate cathedral has 13 chapels and the main altar is gold-plated, carving in the choir stalls has figures of saints, virgins and apostles. Spanish explorer Francisco who conquered Peru is buried here.

  • Convento de San Francisco:

The monastery of San Francisco is famous for the Spanish Baroque architecture. This graceful and fabulous complex with monastery is dated back to 1673. It is popular for the library which contains 25000 antique texts, including the Bible, which is printed in 1571.

Convento De San Francisco - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions In Lima

  • Museo Larco:

Museo Larco is a private museum founded by Rafael Larco Herrera, located in the building built over the seventh century pyramid. There are over 5000 collections arranged in chronological order. There is also an impressive gallery with gold and silver collections which has funeral masks and jewellery worn by priests and members of Royal family.

Museo Larco - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions In Lima

  • Magic Water Tour:
Lima Magic Water Tour - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions At Lima

This is a Parque de la Reserva which is a lovely park by day and at night a splendid sound and light and water show at night. There are 13 fountains which spring to life at night and is a great tourist attraction and is recorded in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest fountain complex in the world.

  • Plaza de Armas:
Trujillo Plaza De Armas - Attractions In Lima

Top Tourist Attractions In Lima

This place also is also known as Plaza Mayor is the heart of the city, a place where the city of Lima was born. Though there are no original buildings existing as of now, at the center of the Plaza is an attractive bronze fountain made in 1650. Now the plaza also has Cathedrals and many places around which includes the popular Palacio Arzobispal also.

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