Cyprus an independent nation located in the Mediterranean Sea. The place is not just popular for its colourful past, but also as a birthplace of Aphrodite. Hence, the place is chose as ancient appealing island to worship the Greek Goddess of love. The pleasant climate, stunning beaches, lush green valleys and Forest Mountain makes Cyprus an ideal tourist attraction. Here is a list of ‘Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus’.

  • Kourion
Kurion - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

According to the scholars and researchers, the city of Kourion was founded in the 13th century BC. But the ruins of Greco-Roman of 5th century attract more visitors from around the world. This archaeological site is situated near the city of Limassol. The public buildings around, tumbled houses, ancient temples in Kourion complex makes it easy to imagine the place thousands years ago. The site holds the remains of Roman baths, Agoura, temple of Apollo, amphitheatre and so.

  • Kolossi Castle

The Kolossi Castle is situated in southern tip of Cyprus. It is a 3-storey military fortress, it was built for Crusaders of High Middle Ages. It was from the 13th century to the 15th century, the castle was under Hospitallers, who was known as Knight of St. John, the Knight Templer. The complex is surrounded by stone walls, the spiral staircase leading to top is also a major attraction of castle. The vineyard around and the Mediterranean Sea also gians several tourist.

Kolossi Castle - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

  • Omodos Village

Omodos village is a prime spot for the wine lovers. The place is located near the city of Nicosia in the Troodos Mountains. There are plenty of stalls that offer samples of a variety of locally produced wines. Local brands like Mavro and Xynisteri are popular. There are also restaurants there which serve traditional brands. The village also has its own charm and beauty which will be loved by the nature lovers, there are stone houses, lovely gardens and the cobbled streets. The 17th century monastery houses many museums and there are exquisite carved wood artefacts as well as a great collection of icons.

Omodos Village - Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

  • Zenobia Wreck Diving
Zenovia Wreck Dive Site Scuba Dive - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

In year 1980, Swedish Ferry named Zenobia began her voyage off the coast of Cyprus. The ship was then sank slowly and came to rest on port side in one piece. Today, the wreck ship is ranked as one of the world’s best diving spot. It is easily accessible, around 45,000 divers choose diving at this spot each year. Ship’s several rooms are open for exploration for divers.

  • Tombs of the King

The Tombs of the King near Paphos dated back to 4th century BC is a large necropolis. It is carved out of solid rock and adorned with Doric columns. Despite the name of the place is associated with Kings, there is no evidence of buried royalty or so. The Tombs are unique and influenced by Egypt tradition. It is said that the tomb must resemble the house of the living. The 7-tombs are spread over a huge area. Third Tomb is most impressive, surrounded by columns on open atrium below ground.

Tombs Of The King - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

  • St Hilarion Castle

The Castle is best preserved on the island which is dated back to the 11th century. Originally, the place was a monastery, then the fortress was named as a hermit and local ascetic. Today, a 20-minutes hike from Grine is opted by visitors to explore the castle stables, soldiers’ quarters and other nooks of royal residence. The picturesque panoramic view surrounding adds more charm to the Castle.

St Hilarion Castle - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

  • Paphos Archaeological Park
Kato Paphos Archaeological Park - Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

Top Tourist Attractions In Cyprus

There are collections right from the prehistoric era which makes this archaeological park a great treasure. There are villas and underground tombs and the most impressive site amongst them include the Roman villas dating back 3rd century. Nearby this there is recently restored 2nd century theatre, the Odeion, which has granite columns, thick walls and corner towers along with Saranta Kolones fortress from the 7th century.