Seville is one of the great city in Europe. It has several tourist attractions, also the capital of Spain, Andalusia region offers quality of atmosphere to the travellers. The City is a blend of Modern architecture with Gothic, Renaissance and Mudejar. The dazzling picturesque places make Seville memorable and unique. The city will engage you with its pleasant weather and exotic spots to visit. Here is a list of ‘Top Destination In Seville’.

  • Plaza De Toros De La Maestranza
Plaza De Toros De La Maestranza - Top Things To Do In Seville

Top Things To Do In Seville

This place has carried the tradition of bullfighting for years and years. It is the oldest bullring in Spain with 14,000 seats dated back to 1758. Every Sunday in period of spring to fall bullfights are held. The Plaza De Toros De La Maestranza is can’t afford to miss destination, a must visit destination for people who love bullfighting sport.

  • Casa De Pilatos
Casa De Pilatos - Top Things To Do In Seville

Top Things To Do In Seville

The Casa De Pilatos is a magnificent instance of Audalusian palace. The palace is designed by Genoese Anronio Maria in 1529, the house is known as ‘Pilate’s House’. The palace was built in reference to Fadrique Enriquez De Rivera, who went to pilgrimage in 1519 at Jerusalem. Today the palace is privately owned by Medinaceli family, but open for tourist. The marble gate, grand staircase and ornamented celling in Mujedar style reflects a unique essence of history.

  • Plaza De Espana
Plaza De Espana - Top Things To Do In Seville

Top Things To Do In Seville

The Plaza De Espana is a brilliant example of the Regionalist Revival style of architecture. In year 1914, Anibal Gonzalez a Sevillian architect started designing a series of building for Ibero-American Exibition. The building was constructed for world’s fair to showcase Spain’s growth in industry, technology and so. Today the structure serves as a government office.

  • Alcazar of Seville
Alcazar of Seville - Top Things To Do In Seville

Top Things To Do In Seville

The Alcazar of Seville was built in 10-century by Muslim Moors, which was then converted to a Gothic style structure in 13th century. Today, the Alcazar royal palace is used by the Royal family for special occasions. Its patios, garden and other corners have undergone several transformations over a period of 1000-years or so.

According to history, hundred years later King Pedro employed Moorish craftsmen to expand and rebuild the palace in Mujedar style. A huge number of changes were added from delicate arches, plasterwork and so.

  • La Giralda
La Giralda - Top Things To Do In Seville

Top Things To Do In Seville

The La Giralda is only remaining structure from 12th-century. As major of the mosques were torn during the construction of Seville Cathedral. The Muslim Moors had built the minarets with a tactic plan to guard the region with series of ramp. There are 35-ramps, making easy for visitors to ascend and take a glimpse of panoramic view. The bell tower, which is known as ‘El Giraldillo’ is capped with bronze weather-vane and is a symbol of victory of faith.