Antarctica is a complete adventurous travellers land. An eternal land to make new landscape discoveries every time you visit. The solitude of Antarctica helps to create memorable memories that linger on your album for years and years. The appealing continent is inaccessible to general people. But great travellers who rave about adventure will surely enjoy each moment in Antarctica.

Antarctica is welcoming more and more tourist each year, some visit by cruise, while some by ferries. Accommodations, travel options, culinary and other facilities are continuously developing more and more. The Mount Erebus also is one of the famous point to spot and is an active volcano on planet Earth. There are several things one can do in Antarctica. If you are one searching for ‘Top Things To Do In Antarctica’, then you have landed on the appropriate post.


Top Things To Do In Antarctica

Here is list of activities in Antarctica which will make your adrenaline rush to fullest!

  • History of Antarctica

If you are with idea to visit this place full of endurance of environment then follow footstep of Captain R.F Scott, a famous explorer is the best way to explore Antarctica. Start visiting historical spots throughout Antarctica which is considered as prime part of Antarctica tourism. Tourism in Antarctica is gaining high height which exciting activities to do on the Island.

  • Half-Marathon & Marathon

The Half Marathon & Antarctica Marathon on King George Island, running in zero temperature in complete extreme conditions are truly mesmerizing experience to get!

  • Cruise

Opting for ferry or cruise and visit most dramatic landscape in the world will give you a picture perfect click! Most Antarctica tours start from this point to explore depth of Antarctica Island. The starting point of cruise is from Punta Arenas- Chile or Ushuaia- Argentina, while a passage way from South America takes approximately complete two days or so to reach destination spot.


Top Things To Do In Antarctica

  • Deception Island

Eliminating this point of your list will be biggest mistake. Take a dip in thermal water of this island. The history of this island depicts that the land was formed by volcanic eruption, which resulted in exploding of the huge crater inside the land.

  • Aerial view

Helicopter Ride is the best way to enjoy an aerial view of the island. Get ready with your camera to capture Polar animals in their great way posing with their natural exquisiteness. It will also give better access to penguin colonies.

  • Kayaking

Paddle through cool, shivering water and get closer to view of blue-tinted ice. If you are a bit lucky, and weather permits you, you can also camp on the ice. Opting for Kayaking trip is truly mesmerising, it gives extraordinary expedition.


Top Things To Do In Antarctica

  • Port Lockroy Museum

If you want to impress a bunch of your friends, then you need to step up with this ‘thing to do’! A best place to capture nice click and send them as postcards. Port Lockroy is known and famous point, it was used as British station, which is now a museum. The Historic site was designed under Antarctica Treaty – site number 61.

  • Wildlife treat

Take a visual treat, try to explore advantage by viewing Weddell seals, Emperor, Adelie Penguins, Humpbacks, Elephants and more. You can also spot few Whale adds cherry on your whole trip!

map_of antarctica

Top Things To Do In Antarctica

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