One life is not sufficient to explore whole world, but there are places which are surreal places on Globe. These places are seriously must be noted on your trip planning calendar. Such wonderful and amazing places do exist on planet and we have no clue where is it located. Some of the places look exact like a beautiful painting or scene from fiction movie. Here are few places which will surprise you with its amazing beauty:

  • Salar De Uyuni
Salar De Uyuni - Surreal Places

Top Surreal places on Globe- Salar De Uyuni

This Salar De Uyuni is located in Bolivia. It is largest salt flat on the planet earth. The salt flat has spread 10,582 square kilometre. It is exactly located 11,995-feet above sea level. The place Salar was formed from transformation of prehistoric lakes. The crust which is source of salt has unusual flatness. The surface is covered with pool of saline which is rich with lithium. This place has around 50% to 70% of world lithium reserve. The clear sky and large area is perfect place for photographer to capture reflection.

  • Bigar Water Fall
Bigar Waterfall - Surreal Places

Top Surreal places on Globe – Bigar Waterfall

Bigar water fall is located in Romania. This water fall is rated as one of the unique water fall on planet earth. The Bigar Fall captures of about area of 175.60 Ha. Being one of unusual waterfall, it is being protected by Law 5-under Romania Government.  Due to its, unique water fall and its flow, this place is must visit.

  • Vaadhoo Island: Sea of Stars
Vaadhoo Island Sea of Stars - Surreal Places

Top Surreal places on Globe – Vaadhoo Island: Sea of Stars

The Sea of Stars is located in Maldives. If you are hunting for a super place to have a romantic walk with your loved one, then this surely is place to visit. It has unique surprises as night time is born. The water appears as a pool of sparkling stars. This beach is prime factor, why Maldives is considered as one of the hottest tourist destination.

Wondering what makes the water shine like stars in night? This is natural phenomena ‘Dinoflagellates’ plankton. These plankton emits light of colour blue. Since the cell membrane of the plankton has capability of responding to electric signal. This makes it glow and create a unique illumination of sparkling blue.

The view of Sea of star is amazing, one will surely feel delighted that such astonishing place exist on planet earth. There is also side effect of this sparkling sea, a red algae is created which makes the beach red in colour during day time. This red algae is created by plankton to confuse the predators.

  • Deadvlei
Deadvlei - Surreal Places

Top Surreal places on Globe – Deadvlei

The Deadvlei is located in Namibia. It is known as one of the highest and largest sand dunes in world. It has white clay pan and has one of the largest salt pan called ‘Sossusvlei’. Crazy Dune or ‘Big Daddy’ are biggest sand dunes reaching 350-m on average. There are very less species of plants existing in this area. Almost all trees are died due to absence of water.

  • Caño Cristales
Caño Cristales - Surreal Places

Top Surreal places on Globe – Caño Cristales

Caño Cristales, is located in Colombian river. The river is more famous for its five color or rainbow color. The river is said to be most beautiful river due to its outstanding colors. The best time to visit this place is end of July-to-November, as during this, you might be lucky to see black, green, red and blue color. The water lacks in nutrient needed by aquatic life. There are about 420 different species of birds, around 43-species of reptile and 10 species of different amphibians. Caño Cristalesis surely a place to visit as it is ranked as one of the most beautiful river on planet earth.