Hobart, Australia’s most City located in the Southern part. Hobart the city, rest at the foot of Mount Wellington with Derwent River. It is the Capital of Tasmania embraced with rich history and culture. The place was once claimed as brutal place, where convicts were sentenced for years of hard labor. But, the city is built with fascinating museums, galleries and impressive architecture which are rated as a top tourist attraction. Sailing is a prime and popular sport in the city. Here are Top Rated Hobart Attractions To Plan For!

  • Mount Wellington
Mount Wellington - Hobart Attractions

Top Rated Hobart Attractions To Plan For!

Mount Wellington is 1,270 meters high as a gentle slumbering giant. A narrow 21Km road leads from Huon Highway to the summit. At Pinnacle, visitors can sight old photographs and enjoy the impressive landscape of the city. A famous point of rock-climbers called Organ Pipes, with cliffs of dolerite columns will make your day with its impressive views and shard type of rock formation. It is recommended to carry warm clothes for protection against the icy winds and capricious weather.

  • Battery Point

Battery Point is Open Air Museum. Few first rated Craftsmen and Convicts erected the building. Today, the site is named after Gun Battery which was once occupied by a promontory, hotels, restaurants, cottages and so. Lenna House is also listed under the highlights of Battery Point, which is titled as Heritage Mansion made up of sandstone. Now, the heritage site is surrounded by waterfront Princes Park, Narryna Heritage Museum, 19th century’s cottages and many more. There has been a neoclassical St George Anglican Church stand proudly since 1836. The Neoclassical structure was built prominent architects James Blackburn and John Lee Archer.

  • Mona Museum And Art Gallery
Mona Museum Of Art Gallery - Hobart Attractions

Top Rated Hobart Attractions To Plan For!

The Mona Museum and Art Gallery was opened in the year 2011, today it is most popular tourist attraction. The Museum holds modern art and antique collections; the Museum is also called as Adult Disneyland. The Art Gallery holds Egyptian Sarcophagus and many more antiques. If you are planning to visit this beautiful Museum then you can jump between 10Am-6AM, Wednesday to Monday (Tuesday Closed).

  • Penitentiary Chapel

The Penitentiary Chapel was built by Irish Architect John Lee Archer in the year 1831. The Chapel also offers a snapshot of convict’s life. In year 1860, two wings of the structure were converted to criminal court, but were put in used by the year 1983. The Visitor can tour courtrooms, cells, execution courts and so! One hour special evening spooky tour too is conducted which is known as ‘Evening Ghost Tour’.

  • Royal Tasmania Botanical Garden
Royal Tasmanian Botanical Gardens - Hobart Attractions

Top Rated Hobart Attractions To Plan For!

Originally, the garden was laid in the year 1818, today it is considered as a Hobart Gem situated on hills near Derwent River. The Garden displays different colors with its exotic plants like Tasmania fernery, Fuchsia house, vegetable patch, lily ponds and many more.

  • St David’s Cathedral

The St David Cathedral is a fine example of neo-Gothic Style; the construction started in the year 1868 and was completed in the year 1874. The stained glass windows, square towers, huge bells can all be admired after visiting this place.

  • Port Arthur
Port Arthur - Hobart Attractions

Top Rated Hobart Attractions To Plan For!

Port Arthur is located 95-Km from Hobart; it can be visited, if the visitor is opting for a day long trip. It is listed as a brutal Penal colony of history and a World Heritage Site. In year 1830, Governor Sir George Arthur was sentenced to backbreaking labor. He was Tasmania’s most famous convicts. Today, the port is named after him and a poignant reminder of the hardship of convict’s life. Visitors are suggested to tour around for guard towers, hospitals, museum, prisons and sandstone church.

These were few Hobart Tourist Attractions, one can visit!