From amazing landscape beauty to celtic rich culture, Ireland is definitely a travel destination to visit. The sight-seeing at Ireland is truly spectacular. Also people residing at this place are genuine and friendly. Ireland is small in size, with extensive suburbs and busy cities. The visitor visiting these place always carry back ton of memorable moments spent at this beautiful place. The travel experience at Ireland will feel you delighted. Here are Top Places To Visit In Ireland.

Ireland is a country which got politically divided as Northern Ireland and Republic of Ireland, which is now a part of United Kingdom. Here are a  Places To Visit In Ireland:

  • Galway:
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Galway

Galway is the largest city in West Ireland. The city has plenty of pubs and music venues along the narrow and winding lanes, there are also art galleries and shops. This harbour city still amongst the few where the colloquial language is Irish, the city is the centre of traditional music. The city of Galway therefore is an ideal tourist destination.

  • Dublin:
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Dublin

Dublin is the capital of Ireland, and is the most populated town in the nation. The atmosphere is more like a small town. The city is inviting and there are historic cathedrals like Christ Church and St. Patrick’s, and the pubs in the temple bar.

  • Glendalough:
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Glendalough

Glendalough locality near Dublin to the southern part, has a monastery founded in the 6th century by St. Kevin. This was once the most popular pilgrimage centre in Ireland. The place continues to attract tourist from around the globe, there is a Round Tower in an unfinished cathedral from 9th century that is most interesting. This non complete cathedral is the largest structure in the monastery. During the Viking raids the 110 feet, tower served as last resort for the refugees.

  • Aran Island:
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Aran Island

It is exactly located off west coast at the Galway Bay. Inishmore, Inisheer and Inishmaan are famous point attracted by visitors for years and years. The people on the island have more traditional lifestyle than in rest of Ireland part. Inishmore Island is largest of all other island. Only around 100-limited vehicle are allowed on Island, as only horse buggies is common transport for visitors. The history of Inishmore Island says, the stone fortress is 2,000 years old.

  • Cliff of Moher
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Cliff of Moher

No trip will be complete without visiting this place. The view of Cliff of Moher is breath-taking, having a look through high heights is delightful. Around one million of visitors of visit this place every year. Entry to this peak level in breezy weather is restricted. Regular boat tours are organised to this place.

  • Bru Na Boinne:
Top Places To Visit In Ireland

Top Places To Visit In Ireland – Bru Na Boinne

Bru Na Boinne moundsin the Boyne valley is a unique place to visit,as there are 5000 year old burial mounds that have been excavated. Three of them, that are of special historic reference,are open and are visited by large number of visitors. Amongst them Newgrange with carved granite boulders and white quartz façade is extra-ordinary. The mound of Knowth is well known for the decoration with the 250 decorative stones some in the shape of local maps. While the third mound is inside Dowth, but there is no access to the visitors and the visitors can view them from above.

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