Lava is the flowing destructive fluid from erupting volcano. There are a number of individuals who would love to watch the flow of Lava or visit Lava places. The site of the flowing lava is indeed remarkable and thrilling, as it is very dangerous to be close to an active volcano, there are only few areas where the adventurous visitor can go close to see flowing lava. Special Volcano Tour are conducted to get a close and thrilling volcanic Lava watch.

Here are list of ‘Top Places To Watch Lava’.

  • Kilauea in Hawaii:
Kilauea in Hawaii - Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

Hawaii is the part of United States, and thus attracts maximum number of visitors. There are many active volcanoes here and also there are conducted tours covering the Volcanoes National Park in Hawaii. It is a thrilling experience to watch the spilling of lava in the ocean, and there are boat rides organised to watch this.

  • Erta Ale in Ethiopia:
Erta Ale in Ethiopia - Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

The meaning of this word spells the action and the meaning is “smoking mountains”. The Erta Ale is extremely active and in fact it is the site lava lake in Ethiopia.

  • Mount Nyiragongo:
Mount Nyiragongo - Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

This is in DR Congo in Virunga National Park. There is lava lake of around 2 km. width and is viewed as the most voluminous lake formed from lava.

  • Mount Etna:
Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

Located in Sicily of Italy, the Mount Etna has a dubious fame of being the most active volcano in the world and it is in constant eruption state. The tallest volcano in the world with height of 10922 feet. There is a cable car arrangement that takes the visitors to the height of 8202 feet and after that the visitors can trek or travel in vehicle to the crater. Most of the time one can only see the erupting smoke.

  • Pacaya:
Pacaya - Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

This active volcano is in Guatemala and is most popular destination for the tourists. The volcano can be seen from very close range and the tourists must exercise great care lest the shoes may melt. The eruption cause Lava Rivers and many times ash rain.

  • Villarrica:
Villarrica - Watch Lava

Top Places To Watch Lava

This volcano located in Chile is active volcano and has the lava lake within the crater itself. The visitors can climb the mountain to see the lava lake in the crater of Villarrica, and after watching the lava lake can also go down sliding on the snow for the return journey.