Kusadasi is one of the popular cruise ship ports, among Turkish Mediterranean. It is a harbour town rich with sun, sand and fun filled holiday spot. The place is also known for its shopping area with lively nightlife. The place is turning as one of the famous tourist destinations.

For years, the place was not so known, but with developing a thirst of exploring stunning places makes Kusadasi a place to visit once. Hotel & tourist development makes this place a crowded, packed place in peak season. Kusadasi is not just known for harbour area, but also for its regal ancient sites. Its natural beauty and majestic sites invite numerous visitors from around the globe. Here are few ‘Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi’.

Pigeon Island

Pigeon Island - Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Just 350-miles away from Kusadasi harbour leads out a way to ‘Pigeon Island’. Pigeon Island holds remnants of the 13th century Byzantine fortress. Today, the Pigeon Island is one of the favourite spots as seaside walk with lovely options of cafés side by.

Ladies Beach or Kadinlar Denizi

Ladies Beach - Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi

The beach is located 2km in south of town. The Ladies beach is famous for water sports and relishing café around. Plenty of café with umbrellas and sun-loungers, making the beach pretty crowded.


Priene - Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Priene is a site with the ruins of Hellenistic city. Truly a photogenic site to visit. The ancient site holds a part of history from 300 and 450 BC, the time when harbours bustled with commerce. Silting of River Meander caused the city to demise, by 2nd century Priene was abandoned. The Temple of Athena was a star attraction with classicial-lonian design, it holds around 6,500 seats which are good preserved even today.


Miletus - Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Miletus is another known city from the Hellenistic period. To track the history of Miletus, the Miletus harbour did not silt up, it continued to be occupied till 14th century throughout the Seljuk era. According to the studies, the ruins belong to different periods. The excellent top view with 15,000 seats with Theatre dates from Greek era, which was reconstructed by the Romans.

Above the Byzantine Fortress are remnants of the Temple of Apollo, with well-preserved Bath of Faustina, a Seljuk Caravanserai and also ancient Greco-Roman city. The museum is also good to visit which gives a brief history about the place.


Didyma - Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Top Places To Visit In Kusadasi

Didyma is a Hellenistic ancient religious centre, a home to fabled Oracle. It is also titled as ancient second-largest temple around the world. The Temple of Apollo consists of 122 columns, and is preserved as one of the oldest Greek Temple in Turkey.

The Didyma was considered as of high importance in ancient times, it was ranked as a second authority with the Oracle of Delphi. The site was considered under the rule of Constantine the Great and was used for the duty of conversion to Christianity.