An opera house is very popular among opera lovers. An opera lover will definitely state all Top 5 Opera Houses located in world. But what makes this opera house stand different from rest theaters. Well, an opera house is used only for opera performance, it consist of a pit for orchestra, a stage to perform, seating place for audience and backstage facilities for costume set-up and all. The first opera house was built in Italy. Then in 17th and 18th century, performing center of opera house started gaining light.

Few Top Opera Houses in world are as follows:

  • Italy: Milan –La Scala
Italy Milan La Scala - Opera Houses In The World

Top Opera Houses In The World – Italy Milan La Scala

The list of Top Opera House starts with La Scala, Milan in Italy. It is perhaps most famous opera house in the world. It was built in year 1778, and have a classic look with four tiers and separate loges. Ingenious concave channel built under wooden floor of orchestra is brilliant. This gives the theater a great look!

  • Italy: Napes – Teatro Colon
Italy Napes Teatro Colon - Opera Houses In The World

Top Opera Houses In The World – Italy Napes Teatro Colon

This is very old opera theater in world. This was very first theater built and inaugurated in year 1737. The theater looks marvelous with its red and gold color. This was big and famous opera house until La Scala was built. This famous theater was inaugurated by great King Charles of ‘Bourbon’.

  • Russia: Moscow- The Bolshoi
Russia Moscow The Bolshoi - Opera Houses In The World

Top Opera Houses In The World – Russia Moscow The Bolshoi

This is listed as one of the premium theater of Russia. The Bolshoi has survived from war, fire and many more. It has statue of Apollo with his chariot at top, the neoclassic porch is stunning. The theater was closed in year 2005, for renovation purpose. Due to interior renovation the theater remained closed and was reopened in year 2011.

The stage is known for Ballet Company. It has four balconies and one top gallery which border the orchestra. The Golden Age, Romanda and the very popular Swan Lake was choreographed in this theater.

  • Australia: Sydney -Sydney Opera House
Australia Sydney Opera House - Opera Houses In The World

Top Opera Houses In The World – Australia Sydney Opera House

The view outside Sydney opera house is wonderful, with sailboats of different color in water adding to the beauty of aqua blue water. It is situated on the split of Sydney Harbor. If you miss to make an entry at given time, you can spend your time touring the structure and buildings. Tours at this places are offered regularly. The structure of overlapping sails and shells of this theater was designed by the ‘Jørn Utzon’. The theater had grand opening in year 1973, ‘Prokofiev’s war and Peace’ was first show to mark the starting of this ‘Sydney Opera House’.

  • France: Versailes Court theater – Opera Royal
France Versailes Court Theatre Opera Royal - Opera Houses In The World

Top Opera Houses In The World – France Versailes Court theatre – Opera Royal

This is one of the clever creation. The structure marks versatility and brilliance of art. The wooden walls are painted in such style that actually gives a marble look. The color Gold is melodiously combined with green and pink color to give a unique look. The play of mirror wins infinite hearts.

This classic ‘Opera Royal’ was built by Ange-Jacques in year 1769. The Opera Royal was used for various event. The theater gets marked in history as venue for royal wedding of King Louis XVI to Princess Marie- Antoinette.