We have heard a lot about lost cities. Once great cities are now submerged under water. The cities are unseen but still holds ironic history behind it. Atlantis is one of the great fictional city which is today submerged under water.  But unlike the instance, there are several other great cities which are buried under layers of water waiting with a piece of the tale to be explored. Here is a list of ‘Top Lost Underwater Cities Of The Early Realm’.

  • Brazil – Canudos

The Caudos has got a different history behind it! According to the folklores, there were doubts that a preacher named Antonio organised an uprising with slaves and poor farmer against the Government. The uprising came to end on 5th October 1897, with few successes. A decade later, a dam was built to eradicate the drought issue, but in 1970 the city ended up flooding, what is remained today lies underwater. The revolutionary town also lies at the pit of man-made lake.

  • USA – Willow Grove

Willow Grove is located in the dark depth of Dale Hollow Lake, which was once a known flourishing town. It got its name from the trees bordering the area, the city had church, school and so. But during World War several people died, soon after its government shifted their attention to picturesque area and started building interesting places. After a few years, the area got flooded and the city today sits at the bottom of the Lake.

gulf of cambay

Top Lost Underwater Cities Of Early Realm

  • Italy – Baiae

The Baiae was an ancient city a vacation place for rich people. Seated on volcano vents, the place had several hot springs and was always a source of water. When water level started rising, the fate of inevitable risk started rising too. Today, the city is submerged underwater. A number of monuments, villas from the first century are unexplored underwater.

  • Gulf of Cambay

The Gulf of Cambay was recently discovered. The discovery was made quiet accidently when the organisation were testing water bodies for percent of water pollution. According to the historians, the city is supposedly oldest city on Earth, older than Harappan and Mesopotamian. According to few historians, the founder of Harappan civilisation was a descendant of Gulf of Cambay.

shicheng- china

Top Lost Underwater Cities Of Early Realm

  • China – Shicheng

The foundation of the lost city was laid over 1300-years ago, the place also thrived for 300-years. It is believed that the city was under rule of Quing and Ming dynasty who started ruling china from 1368. Today the city seats under 40-metres of water with magnificently well preserved gates, walls and statues.

  • Isarel – Atlit- Yam

Atlit Yam has a number of Neolithic settlements along the Carmel Coast. The site ws built around 7,550 to 8,000 years ago. The city was wiped with huge Tsunami Wave, which was caused by volcanic eruption. The City had a devotional site at the centre of the city.