We have posted numerous post on Bridges. There are several Bridges few are scariest, tallest, highest and many more. Remember the famous song we were taught in school, ‘London Bridge Falling Down’. But this time we will speak about Impressive Stone Bridges. Here are list of Top Impressive Stone Bridges.

  • Spain: Puente Nuevo, Ronda
Spain Puente Nuevo Ronda - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Puente Nuevo Bridge was built in year 1751-1793. The Bridge was built to cross the Guadalevin River, which is 390-feet deep. The construction of Bridge claimed life of around 50-workers in year 1751-1793. The Bridge was constructed with multi-purpose, it was planned to have a small chamber right under central Arch. The central Arch was used for several purpose as prison, or people were torture or thrown to death. It’s difficult to believe a bridge with beautiful surrounding also have a painful side.

  • Germany: Bastei Bridge
Germany Bastei Bridge - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Bastei Bridge is located at Saxon Switzerland National Park. The Bridge is constructed with sand-stone material. It was built in year 1851 with sand-stone material which was replaced by Wooden Bridge in year 1824. The bridge is around 350-feet long and have 7-arches. The structure of Bridge gives a different elegance to the surrounding.

  • Iran: Khaju Bridge
Iran Khaju Bridge - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Khaju Bridge also known as Khajoo Bridge is yet another pleasant example of Bridge Architecture. It undoubtedly finest Bridge in Iran. The bridge was built by King Persian Safavid and Shah Abbas II. The multi-purpose bridge was constructed to serve as Dam, bridge and place for public meeting. Today, the bridge stands as finest example of Persian architecture. Read More….

  • Italy: Ponte Vecchio
Italy Ponte Vecchio - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Ponte Vecchio Bridge is oldest bridge which depicts a medieval style. The Ponte Vecchio is stone Arch Bridge, it is only bridge in Italy to survive from the Second World War. There are number of shops owned by various people that are gives a unique dimension to the bridge. In past the shops were owned by butchers and so, while today the shops are owned by art dealer, jewelers. Read More….

  • Italy: Rialto Bridge
Italy Rialto Bridge - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Rialto Bridge is one of the oldest bridge across the Grand Canal in Venice. The Bridge is built across two district San Polo and San Marco district. The development of Rialto Bridge increased traffic on the bridge, the bridge was first built in year 1181 by the Nicolo Barattieri, which was replaced in year 1255 by a wooden Bridge. Today, the stone bridge has become one of the famous tourist spot in Italy.

  • Spain: Puente De Piedra
Spain Puente De Piedra - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Puente De Piedra Bridge is also known as ‘Bridge of Lion’. Due to its four lions which are placed on pillars the bridge gets its name called ‘Bridge of Lion’. The bridge got destroyed due to flood in year 1643, which was re-constructed in year 1659. Then Architect ‘Felipe De Busignac’ expanded the bridge by demolishing two tower. The reconstruction of bridge resulted in expansion of economics and development of city.

  • Konitsa Bridge
Konitsa Bridge - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges – Kontisa Bridge

The Konitsa Bridge is unique Bridge in itself. The location and construction makes the bridge distinct. The bridge was built in year 1871, which costed 120.000TL (Turkish Lira). The current bridge was second attempt of Turkish Engineer. The bridge is made up of stone, and stands today as one of impressive stone bridge around the globe.

  • Bosnia: Stari Most
Bosnia Stari Most - Stone Bridge

Top Impressive Stone Bridges

The Stari Most Bridge is a reconstruction of Ottoman Bridge. The old bridge survived and stood 427-years, which was destroyed in year 1993 by Croat forces during period of Croat-Bosniak War. Today, Stari Most has become remarkable landmark and famous tourist spot in Bosnia.