Great Britain a country comprising of Scotland, England and Wales has marked its prominent presence on the World map. The Island is popular for its culture and history over a period of time. As per the survey, Britain is visited by 16-millions of people in first-half of the year. A land packed with famous wealthy museums, monuments, galleries, landmark and more. Here is a list of ‘Top Iconic British Monuments’.

  • The Angel of the North
Angel of North - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark- Angel of North

The Angel of The North is also known as ‘Gateshead’. The sculpture is sculpted by artist Antony Gormley. The sculpture is made from steel and represent an angel with its wing stretched across, measuring around 177-feet across.

  • White Cliff of Dover
Cliff of Dover - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark – Cliff of Dover

If you are entering England from Europe, you cannot miss the ‘White Cliff of Dover’. It is set of cliff facing towards France. The cliffs are white in colour made from chalk. Its white colour makes it more attractive to look from a distance. The cliffs are 350-feet tall with striking beauty.

  • Loch Ness
Loch Ness - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark-Loch Ness

There are number of Lakes in Scotland, but Loch Ness has its own beauty. The word ‘Loch’ means ‘Lake’, in Scottish Gaelic. The Loch Ness is largest Lake in terms of width, area, volume and depth.

  • Hadrian’s wall
Hadrian Wall - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark- Hadrain_wall

The Hadrian’s Wall was constructed in the year 122 AD. Emperor Hadrian ordered to construct this wall to defend Britannia stretching the width of the Island and separate South and North. Tall Gates and tower were placed sporadically along the wall. The whole path from Wallsend to a village known as Bownesson-Solway.

  • St Paul’s Cathedral
St Paul's Cathedral - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark- St Paul Cathedral

The St Paul’s Cathedral was designed by Sir Christopher Wren and is Anglican cathedral. It was built in 17th-18th century, its domes is a notable feature of the cathedral. The dome can be instantly recognised as a popular tourist landmark. Today, the place is home for celebrations like weddings and also home to countless funerals. The funeral of Margaret thatcher and Winston Churchill was held at this place.

  • Tower of London
Tower Of London - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark- Tower of London

The Tower of London was built to be one of the Royal & Regal residence. It was built in the year 1078 by William the Conqueror. The Royal residence had another side of the tale, the regal residence was known as being a prison. Over 800 years past the landmark was known for terrible place with terrible crime occurred at that particular place; Lady Jane Grey, Walter Raleigh, Anne Boleyn are few criminal inmates. The Tower of London is also known as Crown Jewel. Today, it is one of the popular Attraction in Great Britain.

  • The London Eye
London Eye - British Monuments

Top Iconic British Landmark- London Eye

The London Eye was previously called as the Millennium Wheel. It is a giant slow moving Ferris wheel located on the Bank of River Thames. The wheel has around 32-capsules for visitors and takes around half an hour to make complete rotation, the diameter of wheel is about 400-feet. The view from top of Ferris wheel is astonishing, which makes this known British landmark.