Ghost buster we all know the popular cartoon and the movie. But do such things exist? Well, not so sure. Many of us believe in Ghost, while some of us don’t! Wonder what if such nightmare turn out true. Goosebumps! Can’t think of such scary scene! Some might bravely reject such discussion as a non-believer. But definitely there are few places which are titled as haunted places.

Once a bustling street, turn out to be Silent Street, derelict structures with the remains of untouched workplaces, abandoned towns. Such places offer a tale with a glimpse of once living community to haunting view. Here is a list of ‘Top Ghost Town From Around The World’!

  • Namibia- Kolmanskop

The place is located among the desert and a heap of sand dunes. Kolmansop was once a house of workers with nearby Diamond mine. The town is known as a ‘Ghost Town’, was abandoned in year 1950, since then covered as desert. The interior of the building is in good in condition. Today the place is known as the popular tourist place.

  • Spain- Belchite

Belchite is a place which has witness a brutal battle of the Spanish Civil War, where thousands of people died and laid their life. The town was occupied by France Forces in the year 1937, which was then attacked by Republican Army. Today the site holds ruin of buildings which serve as a ghostly memento.

To get deep into the history of the place, Belchite was founded in the year 1122 on border of Christian Spain and Arabs. The town was abandoned after the civil war, a new town was built for people few kilometre away.

Today the place is known as ‘Ghost Town’, as you approach you might notice the soil turns deep red which is considered as a sign of the blood of that battle. Hence it is considered as one of painful reminder, which devastated Spain.

Belchit - Ghost town-

Top Ghost Towns Around The World

  • Italy, Naples – Herculaneum

In 79AD, during summer season Mount Vesuvius erupted. The eruption buried wealthy Roman resorts and other places beneath intense burning ash and rock. After archaeological excavations several private villas, bathhouses and other fascinating places and things were discovered.

Today, Herculaneum is known as ‘Ghost Town’ which is located 5-miles to the south of Naples ad can easily reached by bus or train.

  • Turkey – Kayakoy

The tale of the village started when the Turkish- Greco war ended in the year 1923, where millions of Greeks were banished and Kayakoy Greek village was abandoned with 2,000 residents. Today, the village includes hundreds of ruined sites & two churches which are presently preserved as a Historic site.

Kayakoy - Ghost Town

Top Ghost Towns Around The World

  • California – Bodie

Till the year 1879, Bodie was a busy and active gold mining town with around 8,500 workers known for their brawling and gun fighting. After a decade, the mine was exhausted and began to decline with loss and went totally abandoned.

Today, Bodie in California, situated in south of town with Bridgeport has only 150 building are in the same state as their resident left them.

  • Colorado – St Elmo

The place, St Elmo was once an active place with a mining town, a trading post with well-developed transport route went abandoned when railroads got shut down in 1922. Several residential buildings were left intact, which are even today are filled with the belongings of former inhabitants.

It is located in Gunnison National Forest.

Ghost Town

Top Ghost Towns Around The World

  • New Mexico – Chaco Canyon

Chaco Civilisation thrives from 800AD to 1100AD. The Canyon served as civics, ceremonial, commercial center of that period. People built structure for the dwelling of sandstone, mud brick, wood and so, which were known as Kivas are still intact even today.