There are many mountain biking trails in the world which pose challenging conditions to the bikers for the thrilling adventurous biking. The highly dangerous are listed for those interested in venturing out to the challenging biking trails. Here are ‘Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails‘.

  • Bootleg Canyon mountain Trail
Bootleg Canyon mountain Trail

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

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This dangerous trail is in Boulder City in Nevada, the track is quite difficult and seems almost impossible to ride. The bikers need extraordinary skill for the ride they need an extremely cautious approach for the steep and downhill trips. Only the daredevil and skilful bikers can take and complete this bike trip.

  • Black mountain, Brevard, N.C.
black mountain

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

In North Carolina there is Pisgah National forest, the most scenic biking trail is here. The Black Mountain biking trail is in this Forest, this is the most beautiful trail with exquisite scenic sites along with the lovely waterfalls. Though the track is beautiful, it offers difficulties and the bikers must indulge in dangerous jumps and crazy switchbacks in addition to the downhill trenches, this needs extreme caution and skill in the bikers for completion of the trail.

  • Baseline Mountain
Baseline Mountain

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

This track in Alberta, Canada poses challenging conditions and the new bikers without much experience cannot compete here. There are steep and rocky downhill tracks with many obstacles even those small trees on its way pose threat to the bikers. The bikers require exquisite training for biking on this trail.

  • Comfortably Numb, Whistler
Comfortably Numb

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

In British Columbia, Whistler this track is situated. Comfortably Numb carry at the entrance a warning board that mentions that “use at own risk” The bikers need to be highly skilful and at the top of physical fitness.

  • Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail
Porcupine Rim Mountain Bike Trail

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

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This mountain Bike trail is in Moab in Utah. This trail has lovely picturesque views with scenery which may be very highly attractive, but also are great distractive hindrances for the bikers due to the turns and obstacles all along the route.

  • Pasubio

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

Pasubio is the unique biking track. This is an ancient road in Vicenza in Italy. The road has been developed into a hiking and biking track. The Mountain trail is unique with the series of tunnels and all along the track there is beautiful scenery and lovely scenic beauty. The bikers, however need to have full concentration on the road and the challenges while biking as even a split second fault can land them into danger and could well be the cause of death. The thrill of the successful bike ride on this challenging and dangerous track is extraordinary.

  • Cliffs of Moher
cliffs of moher

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

Image credit @ Victor Lucas

This difficult and dangerous track is in Emerald on the Isle of Ireland. This track has been made very popular due to the internet publicity. The images on the internet of this track give terrifying views on one side is Atlantic Ocean almost 600 feet below, a small imbalance, whatever be the cause, could directly throw the biker into the Ocean 600 feet down.

  • Yungus Road
Yungus Road

Top Dangerous Mountain Bike Trails

This is considered as the world’s most dangerous road for the biker. This track has gained a name of “the Death Road”. This is in Bolivia and is termed as the number one spot on the dangerous biking track in the world. The Mountain Road does not have any barriers with many challenging and dangerous turns. This track has took life of 13 bikers from 1998 to date. During rainy season the track is further most dangerous and biking is strictly discouraged. There is 1600 feet deep valley on one side that invites the bikers to be extra careful.