Are you a crazy climber and have a dream of climbing higher and reach top to have a beautiful view? Then this post will make you delight. Here is a list of ‘Top Climbs Around The World’. We are well aware of Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain located in Africa on Tanzania’s border, which comprises of three volcanoes Shira, Mawenzi and Kibo. While, the Uhuru is highest mountain 19,340-feet high. Following are other top options for high climbs.

  • Mongolia: Mount Khuiten
Mount Khuiten

Top Climb Around The World

The Mount Khuiten is easy for a beginner to climb and step on endless green steppes. The pleasant landscape defines Altai Mountains, Kazakh Nomads. A climber will enjoy the expedition if begins with proper guide in hand. Trek to Mount Khuiten is quite enjoyable with picturesque scenery.

  • Switzerland: The Matterhorn

Top Climb Around The World

The Matterhorn is one of the most popularly recognized mountain in the Swiss Alps, European continent. The mountain is in shape of rough chiselled pyramid defining unique landmark. The place is also known as a birthplace of mountaineering sport, which returned style of traditional climbing.

  • Iran: Damavand

Top Climbs Around The World

The Elburz Mountain stands with pride against the Capsian Sea of Tehran, Iran. The Damavand Mountain is 19,000-feet high. The steam rises from fumaroles and hot springs which pockmark the dormant volcano.

  • Alaska: Mount McKinley
Mount McKinley Alaska

Top Climb Around The World

The Mount McKinley is also known as Denali located in Denali National Park at 20,320-feet high, which makes it the highest mountain in North America. From the base of the mountain to its apex, the peak is around 18,000-feet approximately high. Also the breath-taking view is incomparable. May and June are the best time to visit, this period offers the best time as low risk of open crevasses and avalanches. The mountain gives picturesque view and unforgettable experience.

  • Nepal: Mount Everest
Mount Everest

Top Climb Around The World

Everest is 29,035 above sea level. Everest is a dream to many mountaineers and greatest mountaineering achievement. Sir Edmund in year 1953, accomplished the expedition and reached top through South Col route. More than 1,500 people have reached the apex through South Col Route.

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