When you think about travelling, the first thing that comes into your mind is a great place. There are several points you should consider while creating a perfect outing. People probably pick places by considering aspects like the best places to visit with best time to visit and so on.

The world holds unexplored beaches. Not just with blue sparkling water, but also with unique sand colour. Unique colour! Sounds crazy? But true. Yes! The next time you plan for a vacation, try to cover these spots. Here are ‘Top Black Sand Beaches Around The World’.

  • Iceland – Vik Beach

The Vik Beach is located in the southern part of Iceland. Iceland must not be listed as one of the prettiest place, but definitely it holds great places to explore. The Vik beach was also nominated as one of the ‘Beautiful Beach On Earth’ in the year 1991.

The Vik village is known as the wettest place in Iceland. One must avoid visiting on a rainy day in this place.

Vik Beach - Black Sand Beach

Top Black Sand Beaches Around The World

  • Alaska – Black Sand Beach

This beach will allow you to see glaciers, waterfalls, tidewater, green hillsides and also rare wildlife. The beach is situated 60-miles away from Anchorage. The water reflects thousand foot peaks located around. The place is also popular for kayaking. Also note, since the beach is located in coldest zone visiting the place wearing a bikini is not a good idea.

  • Hawaii – Kehena Beach

The beach is recommended to visit with your family. Since, the beach is also known as a nude beach, even though when it’s illegal in Hawaii. You might find Dolphins, which is the reason why the place is also known as Dolphin Beach. The colour of sand too is a reason attracting the number of visitors.

  • Hawaii – Pololu Beach

The Pololu Beach gives access to spectacular views of Kohala Mountain view. The beach is located at end of 270-Highway. Since it is the smallest beach in Hawaii, you hike 20-minutes to actually go to beach. Due to the extreme current, activities like swimming, snorkelling isn’t recommended at this place.

Pololu Beach - Black Sand Beach

Top Black Sand Beaches Around The World

  • Hawaii – Kaimu Beach

The Kaimu Beach is known for its great black sand, which is must visit place! The place seems dangerous due to its dark black sand. During 1990, the Kaimu beach was a lava land with around 20-lava’s. After 90’s, after people started planting more trees around. Today, the place is prohibited for swimming because of its strong tides or current.

  • Maui – Honokalani Black Sand

The beach is located in the Wainapanapa State Park. It offers smooth small lava pebbles. One can also visit lava cliffs around, sea caves, sea arch and also seaside lava tubes. The King’s Highway is one of the popular spot to walk or stroll around. Diving and snorkelling at this beach can be carried out.

  • Maui – Waianapanapa Beach

The Waianapanapa Beach is known for its black sand which are formed by crashing waves against volcanic rock for decades. The place offers beautiful places around. One can also visit sea caves, bridges made up of natural stones and so which gives spectacular views of King’s Highway. The highway encircles the island. Summer is the best time to visit. The tides become extreme strong during winter.

Waianapanapa Beach - Black Sand Beach

Top Black Sand Beaches Around The World

  • Hawaii – Punaluu Beach

The beach is known for its black sand, which is located on the Big Island of Hawaii. It is surrounded by black sand, which was created over decades of volcano activity around. The ocean is said to be rocky, hence people are warned, while entering the water zone.

Spotting Hawksbill turtle, Green Sea Turtle is popular. It is illegal to carry black sand, which is done by several people, though!

  • Maui – Oneuli Beach

The Oneuli Beach is not crowded beach. Visiting this place will always make you feel delighted. The place offers fishing, swimming, hiking and boating. Scuba-diving, kayaking and snorkelling too is done at this place. The black sand makes this place more beautiful.