An island is the portion of land surrounded by water while a water body which is partly enclosed by land is called Bay. The water in the bay is calmer than the sea water so a bay is a safe place for the ships taking shelter in rough weather. There are bays which are larger and deep can form natural harbour. Many great cities have developed on such harbours. Here are few of the bays worth visiting.

  • Bay of Fundy
Bay Of Fundy - Top Bay

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This Bay is situated on the coast of Canada on the Atlantic Ocean. Bay of Fundy has a unique shape, thus it has a very high tidal range, the water difference between high tide and low tide can be as high as high as 52 feet. There are a number of sandstone towers called Hopewell Rocks on the shore to give an ideal location for watching the tides. Interestingly the base of these towers is covered by high tidal water twice every day.

  • Paradise Bay
Paradise Bay - Top Bay

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The cruise ships to Antarctica stops only at two places the Neko Harbour and the paradise Bay. This Paradise Bay is the most popularly visited places in Antarctica. There are ice cliffs and heavily glaciated mountains all around the Bay that makes the site spectacular. The visitors can engage in activities like cruising between the icebergs for which there are inflatable boats available. One can visit the Chilean research station and the Penguin habitat for photo sessions.

  • Bay of Islands
Bay Of Island - Top Bay

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Located in New Zealand is this Bay of Island, there are 144 islands few sandy beaches and some isolated bays that form this most popular tourist spot. The place is rich in marine life and there are whales, penguins and dolphins. This Bay was the first part of the Settlements of the Europeans thus it carries with it historic significance.

  • Ha Long Bay

    Ha Long Bay - Top Bay

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Located in North Vietnam with a 120 kilometres long coastline is this bay and the name Ha Long bay means The Bay of Descending Dragons. There are thousands of islands in this place, plenty of them are hollow with huge caves while these islands are forming limestone pillars and are covered with thick jungles making the view spectacular. Some island also has lakes supporting the local fishermen.

  • San Francisco Bay
San Francisco Bay - Top Bay

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This bay is located on the Californian Coast, a popular tourist destination. San Francisco is the financial centre, while San Jose is the city with high populations. This bay contains plenty of islands and amongst them is that small island of Alcatraz which served as prison till 1963. The famous Golden gate Bridge is located here, which opens to the Pacific Ocean.

  • Phang Nga Bay
Phang Nga Bay - Top Bay

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The Phang Nga Bay is located 95 kilometres from the Island of Phuket, the bay is rich in scenic beauty. There are beautiful caves and limestone islands around, most popular being the Ko Pong Kan also known as James Bond Island. The name is due to the James Bond movie “The Man with the Golden Gun” which showed this island. The tourists can visit this place with the help of sea kayak which will enable them to get in the sea caves and the aquatic grottoes.