Water Fountain, a structure that adds a unique beauty to the environment. It’s not just a piece of architectures, which adds the elegance to whole look. Basically, water fountain is piece of architecture which pours water into the jet or basin in quite a dramatic style or decorative one. The idea of water fountain was originally created to provide drinking water for the local or residence of cities and town. Till 19th century the waterfall was operated purely on gravity, but then the concept of water fall got a complete change.

More and More Architecture came with pleasant and innovative idea of Water Fountain that will please tour eyes. Here are list of few most elegant, ‘Top 8 Water Fountains in the World’. The first Water fountain that opens the list is:

  • Russia: National Friendship Fountain
Russia National Friendship Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World – Russia: National Friendship Fountain

If you are planning to visit Moscow, then visiting this place should be added on your tour plan. The National Friendship Fountain is ornamented with 16-different statues of gold plated which represent USSR of republics. The Water fountain is situated at Russian Exhibition centre.

  • Singapore: Water Fountain of Wealth
Singapore Water Fountain of Wealth - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World- Singapore: Water Fountain of Wealth

The Water Fountain called ‘Fountain of Wealth’, is one of the largest Water Fountain in whole world. The fountain is designed according to Feng-Shui. The centre part of the Water fountain is made as per Hindu system called ‘Mandala’, where the water flows inward, which represent richness of pouring as per Feng-Shui expert. It is said by locals, that people who walk around the fountain thrice by touching water will be attracted by wealth and good fortune.

  • United States : Buckingham Fountain
United States Buckingham Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World – United States : Buckingham Fountain

This Beautiful Water Fountain was unveiled in year 1927, by then it is known as one of the largest fountain in world.  The Water Fountain is constructed in Rococo cake style. The fountain gets its inspiration from Latona fountain of Palace of Versailes. The best time to visit this place is in winter, the fountain is decorated by lights. Visiting the light and sound show at this fountain is a must.

  • Australia: Archibald Fountain
Australia Archibald Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World- Australia: Archibald Fountain

The Archibald Fountain has set of History attached to itself. This fountain honours France and Australia’s unity for the period of World War I. The Archibald Fountain is popularly known as J.F. Archibald Memorial Water Fountain, located in Hyde Park-Sydney: Australia. The Water fountain is named after Archibald, who was owner and editor of Bulletin Magazine. The Water fountain depicts French style and love for French artist and culture. On moving to the design of Water Fountain, it influences more of Roman and Greek features with Apollo God encircled by other mythical elements.

  • Switzerland : Jet D’Eau
Switzerland Jet D’Eau - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World- Switzerland : Jet D’Eau

The Jet D’Eau is one of the famous known landmark. This Water fountain is located very much at the junction of Rhone River meets Lake Geneva. The main purpose of building this Water Fountain was to release power grid of Hydroelectricity. Today, the water fountains jet reaches around 460-feet high, becoming tallest fountain spray.

  • Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain
Dubai Burj Khalifa Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World – Dubai: Burj Khalifa Fountain

Dubai has earned great quality of name with Burj Khalifa. Burj Khalifa is known to be one of the brilliant mega structure on Earth. The praise for Burj Khalifa doesn’t end here, it is also known for most impressive and spectacular fountain. The water from fountain jet shoots water 500-feet high in air. Tourist visiting this place gets more delighted after attending music and light show conducted daily around the Burj Khalifa’s Water fountain. The WET Design from USA was main designer behind the concept and creation of this Water Fountain.

  • Korea: Banpo Bridge Fountain
Korea Banpo Bridge Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World – Korea: Banpo Bridge Fountain

This is longest bridge connecting Yongsan and Seocho district over Han River. The fountain over this bridge is known as Moonlight Rainbow Fountain, gaining new title of longest bridge fountain in whole world. The fountain consist of 10,000 LED nozzles on both side of bridge, shooting total 190 tons of water each minute. The bridge and fountain was inaugurated in year 2009, by Mayor ‘OH Se-Hoon’. The bridge and fountain has itself created a record and have set a world record.

  • Italy: Trevi Fountain
Trevi Fountain - Water Fountain

Top 8 Water Fountains in the World – Italy: Trevi Fountain

This Trevi Fountain is designed by Architect called ‘Nicola Salvi’ and the structure was completed by Pietro Bracci. The Trevi Fountain is not just famous fountain in world, but also largest Baroque fountain in Italy. Italy has several list of beautiful fountains, but this tops the list. The fountain is also appeared in several films and is surely a famous tourist spot.