The word ‘Adventure’ makes your adrenaline rush to a higher limit. An Adventure lover will never miss such trips. Having a trip full of adventures adds thrill and joy to the whole journey. At such time confidence and total excitement are best travel companion you have to trust on. But don’t forget to consider travel safety measures before jumping for any water sports. With time water sports are earning good fame, then it might be Scuba diving or sea walk which seem to be getting more common as a tourist attraction. But there are more Water sports in the list which are not that greatly known but still manages to make way on the list of ‘Top 5 Water Sports Around The World’.

Here are list of ‘Top 5 Water Sports Around The World’!

  • Kayaking in Antarctica
Kayaking In Antarctica - Water Sports

Top 5 Water Sports Around The World

Surviving the enjoyment through intense shivering cold is unique fun. Kayaking through brash ice and to spot humpback whales, Gentoo penguins, and leopard seals are literally thrilling experience. Paddling through waves on this last frontier of earth allows to get close to this wildlife. As you Paddle through giant icebergs and magnificent ice fields you will start experiencing mesmerizing side of the earth.

  • Canyoning in Jordan
Canyoning Jordan - Water Sports

Top 5 Water Sports Around The World

Imagine rappelling 30-meters down to a waterfall and slide through big rocks in between rushing river. Hold, this is definitely not an action scene, now that’s a Water Sport! A complete breath-taking experience of Canyoning in Jordan. A dip to this Water sport will make your journey more incredible.

  • Scuba Diving in Honduras
Scuba Diving - Water Sports

Top 5 Water Sports Around The World

Scuba Diving in Honduras is definitely affordable if you are looking for a tight budget with pretty scenic view. You might be lucky to explore great species right down deep in the water. The diving gets enthralling from Whale sharks to Wild Dolphins, spotting a sea horse to varieties of small fishes.

  • Zodiac Adventure in Alaska
Zodia Adventure - Water Sports

Top 5 Water Sports Around The World

Ketchikan, is the best place in Alaska to spot the mass of eagles and humpback Whales. No better place you will find to catch a glance of these wild fascinating creatures this close! Make your way through bay right in the driver seat and follow Alaskan guide through the coast and be lucky to catch a glimpse of totem poles, Salmon farms and get best experience.

  • Surfing in Sri-Lanka
Surfing - Water Sports

Top 5 Water Sports Around The World

If you are a bit scared to try your surfing talent on big giant size waves, then surfing in Sri-Lanka must be on your list. A perfect place for beginners and also for tough surfer. Sri-Lanka has become one of the famous place for Surfing. Managing your balance through rushing waves and surfing with mellow break will give you a pleasant experience.