Remained at the center of the world’s cultural & economical growth from the ancient time, the arid land of the Middle-East has something in it that magnetizes the wandering souls around the world! Although this part of the world is facing tumultuous years & threat of terrorism for quite a long time & many travelers prefer omitting the stretch of the land, from the Egyptian Nile till the western Himalayas from their bucket-list destinations, the astonishing beauty of this land & the hospitality that still exists in the vast parts of this terrain is something that is worth experiencing!

Certain parts of the Middle-East are definitely a forbidden fruit for the foreigners, but that doesn’t make the entire Middle-East unsafe for the travelers! We have discovered Top 5 countries in the Middle-East that are safe to travel provided optimum care is taken. Have a glance through them & make another thought before excluding the land that houses the natural miracles like the ‘Dead Sea’ or the man-made wonders like ‘Burj Khalifa’ & the ancient city of ‘Petra’, forever from your bucket-list destinations!

  • Jordan:
Jordan - Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle East

Top 5 Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle-East

Despite of being surrounded by some of the most hostile & inhospitable countries in the world, ‘Jordan’ has surprisingly managed to maintain its composure & charm. The country did receive some lethal attacks from the militant groups in the past, but that doesn’t make traveling in ‘Jordan’ equivalent to flirting with the danger at every step! Jordanians are also known for their extremely friendly & polite nature & a significant number of the population know English very well!

While traveling in Jordan, don’t forget to explore one of the ‘new seven wonders’ in the world- the ancient city of Petra, etched in the red sandstone, which will leave you spellbound! Alternatively, you can also enjoy floating in the Dead Sea or diving in the soothing waters of Aqaba. From every aspect, Jordan will never disappoint your hunger for travelling!

  • United Arab Emirates:
United Arab Emirates - Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle East

Top 5 Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle-East

Although the entire UAE is comparatively safer than most of its neighbors, the place that makes the UAE the hottest place on the planet is its sensational city called Dubai! Renowned for its jaw-dropping forest of sky-piercing supertall buildings, ‘Dubai’ is considered as the paradise on the earth. Superior security measures & cosmopolitan culture make staying in ‘Dubai’ far more convenient. The presence of some of the largest shopping malls in the world makes ‘Dubai’ a heaven for Shopaholics, whereas dazzling extravaganza of modern day engineering hypnotizes others! The world’s tallest skyscraper Burj Khalifa that surges 828 meters high up in the air is one among the many attractions in ‘Dubai’. This favorite playground of the billionaires gives you an experience that has no match in the world!

  • Qatar:
Qatar - Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle East

Top 5 Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle-East

The new but the rising player in the tourism industry, ‘Qatar’ has started making a strong statement in the tourism market. Unlike its other Middle-East neighbors, ‘Qatar’ shows no sign of repression & insecurity. Glittering skyscrapers that dominate the skyline along the shores & country’s openness towards water sports like jet-skiing & kite-surfing make every western man feel home here! Apart from it, visitors can also enjoy scintillating wealth of the Museum of Islamic Artwork & can explore the heritage villages like Katara  Souq Waqif. The ‘Camel Race’, which is hugely popular in this part of the world, is also worth visiting!

  • Oman:
Oman - Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle East

Top 5 Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle-East

Just like ‘Qatar’, ‘Oman’ also showed up late on the global traveling map! But since it has come, it has attracted the tourists from all over the world. Being one of the safest & the richest countries in Middle-East, traveling in ‘Oman’ can be a pleasing experience. ‘Oman’ offers a bevy of attractions to allure the foreign tourists.

You can hire an Arabian-style pirate shape & enjoy cruising along the picturesque Omani coast. You may find friendly giants such as dolphins & whale sharks frolicking in their natural habitat as you enjoy your cruise ride through 10 miles long inlet called Khor Ash-Sham. A visit to the ancient village of Nizwa will let you an opportunity to explore Oman’s grandest fort.

Alternatively, you can also enjoy watching thousands of green turtles emerging from sea to nest along the Omani beaches between the months of September to November. Picturesque mosques, wide roads & plenty of shopping markets will never let you feel like you are roaming through the part of the world which is infamous for being deadly dangerous for the foreigners!

  • Israel:
Isarel - Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle East

Top 5 Safest Countries To Travel in The Middle-East

The country’s activity in the recent past has earned a lot of hatred from the surrounding Muslim countries, but still one can say that ‘Israel’ is a safe place for the tourists! Having said that, we would advise you to limit your tour only to  the northern part of ‘Israel’ as the southern part & especially the area around the Gaza Strip can be highly treacherous! You can enjoy exploring the alpine area, vineyards & pristine beaches. Visiting the holy sites & biblical geography can be exciting as well. Do keep some time in spare & roam through the ancient streets of the city of Nazareth. The holy site that has featured in several biblical literature still has some of the well-preserved ruins of ancient bath houses & veteran churches! Traveling through ‘Israel’ is a phenomenal experience, provided proper precautions are taken!

A word of Wisdom: Although the above mentioned countries are relatively safe for the outsiders, it doesn’t mean that you can let yourself loose & roam freely without any caution. The strong religious beliefs still prevail in the major parts of these countries. So, do your homework meticulously beforehand & learn the ethos, etiquette & dress codes observed in most of the Middle-Eastern countries!