Cavern or cave, a hollow place in ground. The Cave is also known for large underground space, very much enough for human to enter. Few caves are naturally formed with weathering rocks which are extended deep underground. The word cave is not just referred to as underground space, but also to sea caves, grottos and rock shelters. Sacred caves also comes in terms, made prominent from history pages. Here are ‘Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World’!

  • Greece – Corycian Cave
Greece Corycian Cave - Sacred Caves

Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World

The Corycian Cave located in Greece on slopes of Mount Parnassus. The cave is worship place for Pan, and was sacred to Corycian. In year 1969, French Archaeologist excavated objects of plethora, rare Neolithic male figurine, bone flute, bronze miniatures, 50,000 terracotta figures and so. The rock at the entrance of cave must have been used as altar.

  • Sri-Lanka – Dambulla Cave
Sri-Lanka Dambulla Cave - Sacred Caves

Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World

This cave constitute five Buddhist shrines, which was commissioned by King Valagambahu in period of 1-BC. The cave got declared as one of pilgrimage site for 22-centuries. Well painted murals, sculptures are complete aesthetic form of art. The ceiling painted murals on contours of rock are exquisitely crafted.

  • China – Longmen Caves
China Longmen Caves - Sacred Caves

Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World

The Longmen Cave is largest and most impressive collection of Chinese art. From late Northern Wei to Tang Dynasties, the work is devoted to Buddhist religion from Chinese stone carving to sculptures. It is located on both-side of Yi River, which was ancient capital of Luoyang Henan province. The cave contain 110,000 Buddhist stone statues, 60-stupas, 2,800 inscriptions on steles and so. The work on sculptures continued to 150-years which today illustrate an artistic style. Today, the sacred cave is titled as one of the UNESCO World Heritage site

  • India: Elephanta Caves
Elephanta Caves - Sacred Caves

Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World

Elephanta caves located on Gharapuri Island is known as ‘City of Caves’. To be precise it is situated in Sea of Oman close to Mumbai, which holds collection of rocks. The cave reflects beautiful expression of Indian art. Since the cave is located on Elephanta island which got separated by two hillocks with a narrow valley from Island of Gharapuri. It was in 5th-to-6th  centuries AD, the rock cut named as Elephanta Caves were constructed.

Among all caves, Cave nos. 1 is most significant with 39-metres of long entrance. This cave is also declared as UNESCO World Heritage.

  • Belize – Actun Tunichil Muknal
Belize Actun Tunichil Muknal - Sacred Caves

Top 5 Sacred Caves Around The World

Underground Voyage is never easy, according to myths. But after dropping a visit to Actun Tunichil Muknal Cave you might feel that you have visited the most epic part of land. Actun Tunichil Muknal, is locally called as Xibalba. The site is known as Maya Archaeological site, which includes skeletons, stoneware and ceramics. This cave has several Skelton remains, best known skeleton remain is ‘The Crystal Maiden’.

The Crystal Maiden is a skeleton of teenage girl, which is possibly a sacrifice victim. Today, the cave is opened for wading, hiking, and also underwater swimming. The caves also holds brilliant piece of arts like Maya pottery shards and so. The known spot in cave is ‘kill-hole’ which were envisioned to consent spirit to escape.