Although ‘sweet’ is considered as the most loved food tastes in the world, some people have the insane craze for the sweat breaking spicy food. They just can’t stop themselves from devouring the super spicy food, even after the tears start rolling down their cheeks! For such addicted spice junkies, we have got a small but an interesting list of 5 countries that are renowned around the world for their love for the spices & the myriad delicious spicy dishes that they make! Don’t forget to take a glance if you are a true spice lover!

  • India:

It’s not too hard to predict the leader of the pack as India is an unmatched contender to hold the ‘Numero Uno’ spot in the list of Top 5 ‘Must-Visit’ Countries for Spice Lovers! The world’s capital of the spices is renowned for its impeccable skills of blending various chili powders with pungent herbal ingredients to make innumerable flavors of spices, which they call as the ‘Masala’.

India has been the abode of the spices since the prehistoric period & it still remains the world’s largest producer, consumer & exporter of spices. Indians are world famous for their immense love for the spicy food & they possess the treasury of a vast variety of delicious, mouth-watering spicy cuisines which are inseparable part of their daily meal. No visit to this incredible country can be completed without tasting typical Indian spicy dishes, which are as vibrant & as colorful as that of the country. India is truly an ultimate dream destination for a dedicated Spice Lover!

Top 5 ‘Must-Visit’ Countries For Spice Lovers

Top 5 ‘Must-Visit’ Countries For Spice Lovers

  • China:

When it comes to the spicy food, giant China is no less than its mighty neighbor! The Chinese are also known for making rich use of the spices to ‘spice-up’ their meals. The Sichuan province is considered as the spice-capital of the country as the cuisines prepared in here make opulent use of chili oil, dried chilies & special Sichuan peppercorn that can literally make you cry out loudly once you taste them! It’s virtually impossible to locate a restaurant serving authentic Sichuan dishes anywhere outside this province. So, if you are on a Chinese trip & have an obsession for mouth-burning spicy dishes, don’t forget to head to this Southwest province of China to appease your appetite!

  • Mexico:

Mexican cuisines & the chili peppers are inseparable entities! Mexicans are known to make an extensive use of peppers in myriad ways to supplement their food with some real super-spicy taste. The variety in a way they use the chilies is the real secret behind their delicious dishes that separate the Mexican cuisines from the rest of the world. Poblano, jalapano, pasilla, picquillo etc. are few of the types of peppers that are used in Mexican cuisines in various ways, including whole dried, smoked, ground or even the fresh one. Tasting at least one genuine Mexican spicy dish has to be on the ‘bucket-list’ of every visitor visiting this corner of the globe!

Top 5 ‘Must-Visit’ Countries For Spice Lovers

Top 5 ‘Must-Visit’ Countries For Spice Lovers

  • Thailand:

Thailand has its own way of using chilies in their food. Thai cuisines make use of fresh chilies along with some other pungent tasting herbs to spice up their cuisines. The gourmet street food of Thailand has acquired accolades from around the world for the generous use of fresh chilies which are chopped, added & stirred fry to improve the overall taste of the food. The ‘Bird’s Eye chili’ is the most loved chili in the Thailand, which is used in the majority of complex Thai dishes.          

  • Peru:

South Americans are known for their obsession for the chilies in all possible varieties, but if you really wanna taste the real heat of the spice, no other place than Peru can appease your taste buds! The opulent use of fresh chilies in various recopies as well as sauces as condiments, is the unique Peruvian way to satisfy the craving for the sizzling spicy meals. The ‘Aji Limon’ & the ‘Aji Amarillo’ are the most favored types of chilies that are spicing up the Peruvian cuisines for the past many centuries. If you are a true foodie individual & planning to spend few days in Peru, make a vivid note to taste the delicious stew called ‘Aji de Gallina’, made up of chicken in a bright yellow spicy sauce made from the Amarillo chilies.