Hot Spring an exceptional shade of nature. Hot spring is a rare sight to visit, they are formed by discharging thermal water at specific geologic location. The water discharged as spring water is rich in minerals and can be used as solution to cure various diseases. Here are ‘Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World’!

  • Terme Di Saturina
Terme Di Saturina - Hot Springs Around The World

Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World

The Terme Di Saturina is located in the Southern side of Tuscany, Italy. It is one of old-hot spring in Italy. The geothermal Hot Spring is named after Roman Saturn God. The Hot Spring water is rich in minerals and offer well-being and relaxation. The site is undertaken by spa resort management and named as ‘Terme Di Saturina Spa resort’. The water of that spring cures different spring problem, act as calm antiseptic cleansing agent and boost respiration.

The hot water comes at a rate of 800-liter/second with a stable temperature of 37-degree Celsius. The quality of water generated by nature’s way of filtering is ace with exceptional quality. The water contain dissolved minerals of bicarbonate alkaline, sulphur, hydrogen sulphide, carbon, and sulphate.

  • Glenwood Hot Springs
Glenwood Hot Springs - Hot Springs Around The World

Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World

The Glenwood Hot spring is one of the most popular tourist spot in Colorado of United States. It is also known for largest hot spring (swimming) pool. The site was then developed as spa and resort by 1888, which attracted quality of visitor each year. The pool is kept at constant temperature of 38-degree Celsius.

The hot spring water is generated at a rate of 8500-liter/minute, which is rich in minerals to heal many patients under medical grounds. This resort was also awarded as well-health spa with 107-room to stay, water slides and massage centre.

  • Blue Lagoon Iceland:
Blue Lagoon Iceland - Hot Springs Around The World

Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World

This is the most popular spot in Iceland, which attracts around half-a-million of visitor each year located in Southern-Western coast of Iceland. The hot spring is the direct formation of Svartsengi Thermal power-plant. In the year 1976, the pool was built by filling thermal power plant, by year 1992 the pool was opened for public.

Today, the Blue Lagoon holds 6-million liters of hot spring water with a temperature of 37-39 degree Celsius. The colour of water is milky blue due to the presence of Silicate minerals, silica and sulphur in small proportion.

The water in the Blue Lagoon is renewed in every 40-hours to keep water clean. The Blue Lagoon water offers water massage, spa, beauty treatment and many more for visitors.

  • Pamukale
Pamukale - Hot Springs Around The World

Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World

The Pamukale is a group of hot spring located in Turkey, which is 2.7km –in length and 600-meter width. The different shape of the pool formed due to deposit of minerals make this site more attractive. The site was listed as World Heritage UNESCO Site in the year 1988.

The Pamukale contains 17-hot spring, which varies between the ranges of 35-100 degree Celsius. The water contain calcium and carbon dioxide.   The water can be used as a treatment for eye-diseases or skin diseases.

  • Grand Prismatic Spring – Yellow National Park
Grand Prismatic Spring Yellow National Park - Hot Springs Around The World

Top 5 Hot Springs Around The World

The Grand Prismatic Spring is largest Hot water Spring in United States, which is located in Yellowstone National Park – Wyoming. The hot spring water can be traced in different color yellow, blue, orange, red and green. The Cyanobacteria are the main reason for such color of hot spring water, which can thrive in hot waters. The Cyanobacteria are present jut at end of the pool, but not at center of pool due to extreme hot temperature of water.

The color of Cyanobacteria also changes with climate, in summer season the color of the spring water turns to orange or red, then in winter to deep green.  The thermal activity generates 2100-liter of water every minute which range 63.3 to 86.5 degree Celsius.