The United States is known as strongest country not just in terms of financial aspects but also with other terms. From not so known Lincoln memorial to the famous monument Statue of Liberty, we can list historical monuments throughout the United States. Here are few ‘Top 5 historical monuments of the United States’.

  • Arlington National Cemetery
Arlington National Cemetery

Top 5 Historical Monuments in United States

It is military cemetery located in Virginia, United States. The Arlington National Cemetery is said to be central point where National Memorial Day tributes of country is proclaimed from 1868. It holds 400000-graves and spread over 253-hectares of land. It is also last resting place of President William Howard Taft and President John F Kennedy.

The Arlington National Cemetery holds remains of all serviceman who lost their lives toward war or work since American Revolution.

  • Lincoln Memorial
Lincoln Memorial

Top 5 Historical Monuments in United States

The Lincoln Memorial is honour of the great president Abraham Lincoln of the United States. The monument was built between years 1914 to 1922 by an American Architect Henry Bacon. The place holds 19-feet tall statue of Abraham Lincoln, which was sculpted by Georgia Marble and designed by Daniel Chester French.

The Lincoln Memorial has stone engraved with popular ‘The Gettysburg address’ and ‘second inaugural address’ made by Abraham Lincoln. It was the same site, where Martin Luther King delivered his popular speech of ‘I have a dream speech’. The monument is surrounded by 36-enormous columns, which represent 36-states in period of Abraham Lincoln.

  • Washington Monument
Washington Monument

Top 5 Historical Monuments in United States

It is one of iconic monument in history of the first president of the United States, George Washington. The stone structure is 169.2-meters tall, construction of monument was started in year 1854. But due to lack of fund and other circumstances the monument got completed in year 1884.

The monument underwent severe damage in year 2001 due to Virginia Earthquake. The renovation work was stretched two and half years. The monument is built with marble, granite in an obelisk shape, also it has 897 steps to reach top of the monument. Today the monument is known as popular tourist attraction.

  • Mount Rushmore
Mount Rushmore

Top 5 Historical Monuments in United States

The Mount of Rushmore is a national monument, it represent huge four face sculptures of the four most influential US Presidents. The sculptors are carved on granite, the monument was sculpted by Lincoln Borglum and Gutzon Borglum. The four most influential President are Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The 60-feet high faces represent their significance of work and greatness.

Doane Robinson, a historian came with idea of carving faces on mount of Rushmore to gain tourist visitor. In 1920, the idea was converted into reality. Amount of $25000 was raised for the project, it took 14-years for completion of project with 400-workers. Today, the Mount Rushmore is known as one of famous Historical monument attracting millions of visitors each year.

  • Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty

Top 5 Historical Monuments in United States

The Statue of Liberty is situated in New York Harbour. The massive statue was a gift from France to America as a declaration of America’s Independence. In October 28, 1888 Frederic Bartholdi, French Sculptor designed this statue. It depicts Roman Goddess of Freedom- Libertas. Today, Statue of Liberty is known as symbol of freedom and icon of New York.

The statue is 200-meteric tonnes and 151-feet tall, it is made up of copper and looks a shade of green due to oxidation.

The seven spikes on the crown of Libertas represent seven ocean and seven continent around the globe, while 25-windows gives panoramic view. The original torch was constructed in year 1876 which was then replaced with new in 1984. Today the monument stands as a pride and a symbol of good relation between France and the United States.


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