Russia, located on landmass of Europe and Asia. It is officially recognized as ‘Russian Federation’. Russia is one of the most popular country around the globe. Its economy ranks 9th highest by GDP ranking and 6th largest by power parity. Russian language is official language spoken, but 27-other languages are also spoken around the country as co-official. People are aware of where Russia is located and what is spoke, but are they aware of Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia!

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

Russia is one of the largest country by its area around the globe. The total area of Russia is around 17,075,400, to be precise it almost covers 9th part of earth. Isn’t that amazing! Russia is 1.8-times large than the size of the United States. If you are planning to pay a visit to this country then note, never raise your hand for handshake over doorway. As most Russian believe its bad omen, and the action might lead to overheated arguments. Well! These were just common facts the main Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia are yet to come!

  • Largest Railway

The Trans-Siberian Railway is known as World’s Longest Railway. It is one of single longest railway in whole world. It departs from Moscow crosses and enters Asia, then making way reaches Vladivostok port of Pacific Ocean. The complete journey of 9,200-kilometer is surely incredible journey of 152-hours and 27-minutes!

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

  • Largest McDonald

If you are McDonald fan, here is a place to visit! Russia is home for McDonald. It has largest McDonald Restaurant with 1,500 seating and a large stored building. The golden famous arches McDonald restaurant was constructed temporary in England for its Olympic held in year 2012, London.

  • Home to billionaires

Did you know! Russia is home to many billionaires. As compared to other countries, Russia has 74 billionaires, which is thrice than New-York.

  • Second Ranked as Largest Oil Producer

Russia ranks second largest oil producing country in world. The country produces 9,900,000 barrels of crude oil on daily basis. While Saudi Arabia, which tops the list by producing 10,900,000 barrels on daily basis.

To check on the records of other country, the United States is estimated to surpass Saudi Arabia and Russia by 2020, to grab the top position, which is currently on third position.

  • Fastest Transport

The metro system at Moscow is known to be fastest means of transport. During peak hours, on every 90-seconds trains are scheduled for passenger’s convenience. According to the survey, around 9-million people ride through Metro.

St Petersburg is deepest subway around the world, whopping 100-meter deep.

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

Top 5 Cool Facts Of Russia

The Top cities to pay visit are:

  • Moscow
  • Saint Petersburg
  • Volgograd
  • Kazan and many more

While other destination to explore are:

  • Dombai
  • Golden Ring
  • Kizhi
  • Lake Baikal and many more.