Trekking is a top class fun activity which, if done with proper caution, can give you the lifetime experience & a bountiful of memorable moments. Trekking through the most rugged terrain will test not only your physical endurance, but also the mental strength. This rigorous adventure activity does not demand much as fit legs, pair of strong lungs & a lion’s heart are its bare minimum necessities.

As the best season to go for trekking is just round the corner, we here are very much thrilled to present before you ‘Top 10 Best Trekking Routes Around The Globe’ which are famous for not only the daunting routes but also stunning views of the surrounding terrain!  So folks, strap your hiking shoes, pack your rucksacks & get set to explore the untamed side of the nature!

Indian Himalayas - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The Great Himalayan Range is an unmatched option for embarking upon the adventurous voyage on feet. The snow capped, sky-touching peaks of this range are truly trekker’s paradise that attract literally hundreds of thousands of the adventure seekers.

Climbing the ‘Mt. Everest’, situated in Nepal, still remains the ultimate goal for the most of the ardent trekkers due to which this sector of Himalaya often faces huge crowd. Ironically, in the quest of scaling the great peak in Nepal, lots of people simply ignore the Indian sector of Himalaya that offers an equal grandeur opportunities amidst relatively less crowd & hence in more serene conditions.

Multitudes of trekking routes in Himachal Pradesh generously welcome all sorts of trekkers, whereas, the hardcore climbers can seek for more challenge by roaming along the various passes & ancient trade routes from Spiti to Ladakh , which are nestled at exceptionally great heights. Breathtaking views of immaculate nature & adorable Buddhist monasteries will follow you wherever you go explaining why this place is called as the ‘Abode of Gods’!

Snowman Trek - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

Often regarded as the ‘Roof of the World’ & having blessed with spectacular Himalayan terrain, Bhutan is a god-gifted place for the trekkers! ‘The Snowman Trek’ in particular is one of the best in the pack since it wiggles through 11 passes & resides at jaw-dropping height of nearly 14,000 feet, close to Tibet-Bhutan border. The path goes around many charming Buddhist monasteries situated almost on the extreme corners of the cliff & also passes through classical Tibetan hamlets full of noble locals known for the their warm hospitality & generous behavior!

Pays Dogon - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The African country of ‘Mali’ hosts an astounding trekking place known as ‘Pays Dogon’ i.e. ‘The land of Dogon People’! ‘Pays Dogon’ is situated amidst the sky-tapering cliffs of the Bandiagara Escarpment in the plains of West Africa. The deserted residences of the Dogon people nestled atop the cliffs are the prime attractions of this trekking route. Trekking in this region can be completed anytime within 2 to 10 days & the exotic view of the picturesque ‘Bandiagara’ hills will always remain in front of your eyes making your outing worth remembering throughout your life!

Blyde River Canyon - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe -BLYDE RIVER CANYON, SOUTH AFRICA

The ‘Blayde River Canyon’ in South Africa is truly an exotic sight on the earth & hiking through this region is an experience that can be seldom described in words! The ‘Blayde River’ forms a tremendous Canyon while moving through this region & watching this scene from the top of the surrounding mountains is a sheer visual treat. The place is also worth visiting for its pristine foliage & amazing biodiversity. This secluded place is an excellent option for those looking for an ‘out-of-the-box’ trekking destination.

Utah - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

Trekking doesn’t always mean scaling up soaring mountains, it can also mean finding out your way through a narrow gorge flanked by incredible, massive rock formations! ‘Buckskin Gulch’ in Utah is world renowned for such type of canyon hiking which, apart from walking, also mandates wading through the bog in certain part of the route. This trek is certainly not for the faint hearted as well as claustrophobic people as in some places the gorge is so narrow, literally 2-foot wide, that you have to squeeze yourself through it, while taking off your backpacks!

Sierra High Route - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

A 195-miles long ‘Sierra High route’ is one of the highly celebrated trekking & hiking spot in the USA. The route runs north to south & passes through ‘Kings Canyon National Park’, ‘Inyo National Forest’ & an amazing ‘Yosemite National Park’ & is exposed to some of the rugged terrain on the globe. Although most of the trekking routes are not clearly marked, its untamed wilderness attracts hundreds of hikers & trekkers who simply get thrilled while negotiating the long, tranquil hiking boulevards that occasionally require boulder hopping as well!

Machu Pichu - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The ‘Inca trail’ that leads to the world famous ruins of ‘Machu Picchu’ is one of the most travelled & deeply loved trekking route in entire Southern America! This 27-mile long trek is the best possible way to get soaked into the mesmerizing beauty of picturesque landscape portrayed by sky-tapering tips of Andes range & extensive covering of the thriving subtropical flora of the Amazon. This ancient ‘Inca trail’ is stretched by myriad trekkers who start their trail form the ‘Sacred Valley’ & culminates it on the fifth day at the Sun Gate only to get stunned by the enchanting view of the ancient ruins of ‘Machu Picchu’, which more often than not, hide behind the veil of teasing mist.

Routbern Track - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The medium, 3-day (20 miles) trek called the ‘Routeburn track’, that passes through two national parks- ‘Fiordland’ & ‘Mt. Aspiring’, is one of the best trekking paths in ‘New Zealand’. The route demonstrates the beauty of the magnificent landscape of New Zealand’s Southern Alps. The views from Harris Saddle & atop Conical Hill constitute the most impressive part of this exotic trekking path for which people horde this place in large numbers. However, only few luckiest wanderers manage to get the experience of this incredible trek as only limited people are allowed on the trek on any given day!

Haute Route - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The ‘Haute Route’ garners the place in the trekker’s ‘hall of fame’ list, & why it shouldn’t be? This trekking path begins from the Chamonix Valley in ‘France’ & terminates at Zermatt in ‘Switzerland’ covering almost 111-miles that requires around 12 days of intense hiking. The trekking route is simply delightful as it goes through some of the best parts of the dazzling Alps & also gives you the opportunity to catch the glimpses of world’s highly reputed peaks such as the iconic ‘Mount Blanc’ & the elegant ‘Matterhorn’! The adorable Swiss hamlets that you will come across will serve as the sure stress-buster as you will be welcomed by the hospitable smiles of the locals!

Kungsleden - Trekking Routes

Top 10 Trekking Routes Around The Globe

The ‘Kungsladen’ that stands for the ‘King’s Trail’ is indeed a royal way of exploring the hidden treasury of the Swedish landscape. This 275-mile long trail begins from the village of Abisko in the north & terminates at Hemavan in south. The trail goes through stunning rugged landscape that shimmers brightly in an unending sunshine of the pleasant Swedish summer. The classic bucolic huts provide the much needed shelter as you pave the way through 4 national parks & a nature reserve!