The abode of one of the greatest empire in the history of mankind, Italy is undoubtedly one of the finest & the most favored tourist destinations not only in the Europe but also in the entire world. The lands of the mighty Roman Empire is world renowned for its richness in art, cuisine, fashion, culture & yes of course, for its staggering historical monuments that give the testaments of prestigious Roman history!   

Here we present the list of top 10 places Tourist Attraction in Italy that you should never miss while touring this adorable country. Figuring out these places was the great endeavor as we faced the ‘problem of many’! These 10 venues will certainly satisfy the appetite of wandering spirit within you as you get soaked in the beauty of mesmerizing Italy!

  • The Colosseum:
 Colosseum - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

The ‘Colosseum’ in ‘Rome’ is a world famous identity of Italy. The ‘Colosseum’ & its neighboring ‘Roman Forum’ are among the most visited tourist hotspots in Rome. Situated right in the heart of the city, this humongous Amphitheatre built by the Roman Empire is one of its kind & it proudly shows off the glory of the Roman dynasty!

The ‘Colosseum’ was built by the Emperor ‘Vespian’ of the ‘Flavian’ reign in 72 AD & was completed by his son ‘Titus’ in 80 AD. The ‘Colosseum’ could accommodate 50,000 spectators & was covered using sails called the ‘velarium’ attached around the peak of the attic which could offer protection to the onlookers.

  •  The Canals of Venice
The Canals of Venice - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

Regarded as the ‘City of Canals’, Venice is considered as one of the most romantic city of all time! The ‘Gondola’ rides through the canals which are surrounded by splendid old age Italian buildings those remain pretty unchanged over past few centuries, take you in the charming fairy tale world.

The city hosts more than 150 canals that play vital role in the city’s charisma. ‘The Grand Canal’ is the most famous & the most photographed of all. The fame of the city among the tourists can be judged from the fact that it has more tourists than actual residents!

  • The Leaning Tower of Pisa
Leaning Tower of Pisa - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

Pisa’s world renowned ‘Leaning tower’ is an exemplar of how even a flaw can earn fame & turn the destiny of a monument that otherwise seems fairly average! This Leaning Tower, which has already made to the list of world’s 7 wonders, was constructed over a span of 177 years!

The construction was started in 1100 AD, but the tower started leaning down from one side thanks to its poorly laid base! The construction took up again almost after a century & the engineers set out to build upper floors with one side taller than the other to make up the skew.

It was estimated that, by the year 2000, the tower would tumble down. However, the repairing work done in the 1990 made it sure that this fortunate tower would remain standing tall in the future as well like the way it is for the past 900 years!

  • Pompeii
Pompeii - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

The ancient Roman town of ‘Pompeii’, based right at the foot of volcanic mountain Mt. Vesuvius is an ultimate place to explore. This town was devoured by the monstrous volcanic eruption from Mt Vesuvius on August 24, 79 AD which laid to the dooming of this prosperous Roman town.

However, the lava & the ashes that covered the town preserved the ruins astonishingly brilliantly for over a span of 2000 years. Literally everything, right from the market places to streets, temples to theatres, jars to painting has got frozen in time. The excavation has demonstrated the great details of the life 2000 years back. Pompeii’s meticulous exploration may take several hours as you may find so much to see. There is absolutely no doubt why this place is an apple in the eyes of tourists who flock this veteran city in huge numbers!

  • Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore
Cathedral of Santa Maria Del Fiore - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

The ‘Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore’ is one of the most beautiful cathedrals in the world. Based in the Florence City, this Gothic style cathedral was architected between 13th & 15th century. The brick dome of the cathedral, which is regarded as ‘world’s largest brick dome’ is the most staggering feature of this splendid cathedral.

The exterior of the cathedral is decorated using alternate horizontal & vertical bands of polychrome marble panels in green & pink lined with white shade. This basilica illuminates the panorama of Florence & is the major attraction in Italy’s Tuscany region!

  • Amalfi Coast
Amalfi Coast - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

‘Amalfi coastline’ is very popular among the tourists visiting Italy. The coastline has gathered various accolades for its serene beauty, pristine waters & adorable hillside towns situated along the steep downhill that cascade down to the sea!

The coastline stretches along the Sorrentine Peninsula. ‘Positano’ is the most famous town among the rest along the Amalfi coastal line.

  • Lake Como
Lake Como - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

‘Lake Como’ has been Italy’s one of the most reputed tourist spot praised by the visitors for more than 100 years. This lake district of Italy is renowned for its serene atmosphere, immaculate weather, crystal clear water & smoky mountains!

The terrain around Lake Como is surrounded by small towns featuring affluent villas & lavish palaces; few of them were built in the Roman era. The great climate & tranquility of this region magnetizes the visitors who flock this place in large numbers.

  • St. Mark’s Basilica & The Doge’s Palace
St. Mark’s Basilica & The Doge’s Palace - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

Besides romantic gondola ride through canals, Venice possesses many other structural marvels. ‘St. Mark’s Basilica’ & the ‘Doge’s Palace’ are among such fabulous testimonials of Italian art. The Byzantine domed design of St. Mark’s Basilica is among the highly praised cathedrals in Italy.

The Basilica is a huge treasure of the world’s finest of the artwork & carvings while the ‘Doge’s Palace’ sets up the best demonstration of wealth & prowess of Italian architecture. Visit to Venice cannot be completed without visiting these two majestic buildings.

  • Vatican city state
Vatican City - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

‘Vatican City’ stands as one of the most important religious places of Christianity due to the residence of the Bishop of Rome– the Pope. On top of that, Vatican City has its iconic identity as the house of world’s some of the most precious & rare art & artwork collection.

‘St. Peter’s Basilica’, ‘St. Peter’s Square’ & the ‘Vatican Museum’ are the most significant places in Vatican City.

St. Peter’s Basilica is decorated from inside using stunning interiors which underline the eminence of architecture of renaissance period & crypts of few of the most influential popes, whereas the museum holds the arty masterpieces from all time great artists such as Raphael & Leonardo Da Vinci. The Sistine Chapel present in the vicinity of the Vatican is famous for phenomenal wall & ceiling paintings of Michelangelo!

  •   Paestum
Paestum - Tourist Attractions In Italy

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Italy

A visit to ‘Paestum’ would make you feel that your trip to Italy has come to a complete circle! Reckoned as one of the most amazing sites in Italy, Paestum is an ancient town founded by Greek dynasty way back in the sixth century BC. Three amazing Greek temples & beauty of other ruins vivaciously depicts the competence of Greek architecture.

A walk through this veteran city that stands unmoved witnessing the history of thousands of years will definitely make happy memories in your mind those you may cherish throughout your life!

From the country that takes you in the bygone era while offering you the finest & the priceless manifestation of art, culture & nature, picking up top 10 places wasn’t a piece of cake. Still, we decided to take some pain to figure out a few places that may do justice to its nickname- ‘Bel Pease’!