Spending vacations with your family is always a sheer pleasure. It helps you not only in relaxing your soul, but also in strengthening the family bond! However, it is not a thumb of rule that every family outing has to end  up landing in some theme parks or stereotype zoos! You can be innovative & may spend your ‘family time’ by visiting some offbeat destinations around the world. Here we have ‘Top 10 Family Vacation Destinations’ that will definitely give you the joy of travelling, at the same time will give your family another reason to call you a ‘Super Parent’!

  • Kerala, India:
Kerala - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

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Considering the length & the breadth of this vivacious country, families generally tend to avoid journeying in India! However, this bustling country, which is famous for its thriving & diverse cultures, exquisite architectures, elegant landscapes & colorful costumes, is just perfect for spending quality vacations!

Spend a few days in India’s one of the most sensational tourist hubs- the state of Kerala, which precisely stands by its reputation- ‘God’s own country’! Unwind yourself by enjoying the serene, slow-paced life in adorable hamlets or get awe inspired by visiting beautiful temples & churches! Introduce your children with truly untamed jungles & enjoy riding gigantic elephants with them! Stay in classic Keralan boathouses in backwaters in Aleppy or visit amazing misty mountains in Munnar, Kerala has no shortage of natural beauty! Palm fringed pristine beaches, gourmet cuisines, plenty of sunshine & amiable locals will make your every moment spent in Kerala worth remembering!

  • New Zealand:
New Zealand - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

The small country, located in the extreme corner of the world, is fully loaded with almost all types of fun & activities a traveler would expect! The glaciers & towering snow-capped mountains dominate the country’s landscape, while its exotic green pastures & azure lakes take the beauty to the ecstasy! The beaches are also worth spending some time!

New Zealand is the paradise for adrenaline junkies & you can find a wide range of adventure activities thriving in this wonderland! The locals, who like to call themselves as Kiwis, are known for being broad-minded & friendly with the foreigners. The country’s lower crime rate & higher safety rankings also make it among the first few choices for the family outings!

  • Singapore:
Singapore - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

The dynamic ‘Singapore’ is the great option to roam around with your family. This compact & neat country is very easy to get around & has a multitude of options to keep every member of your family busy! The massive shopping malls are just too good for shopping & restaurants are more than perfect to please your appetite! Singapore comes with the world-class hotels & a handful of entertainment options, including theme parks & zoos & also houses many cultural centers. All in all, this South-East country has it all that a family expects from a great vacation destination!

  • New York City, USA:
New York - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

One of the most prominent financial hubs in the world, the iconic ‘New York City’, often finds itself at the top positions on the ‘bucket-list’ of many families & it deserves the position! Along with the sky-piercing skyscrapers, NYC has bountiful of attractions to appease the families of all age groups. The museums, theme parks, art galleries in NYC have their own significance & are definitely worth visiting. You can also enjoy visiting the Central Park & the High Line Park or can explore the Liberty Island, where the world famous ‘Statue of Liberty’ is located. Visiting NYC will become even more exciting in the near future, as the sensational skyscraper- One World Tower, standing on the site of the twin towers of the World Trade Center, is expected to open to the public by the year end.

  • South Africa:
South Africa - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

Home of the world famous wildlife, the jungle ‘Safaris’ through the spectacular Kruger National Park in ‘South Africa’ always has a conjuring effect on the visitors! The close encounters with truly untamed, wild African cats will leave you spellbound, while, the scintillating sight of gigantic herds of massive elephants, giraffes, rhinos, hippos & wildebeests will get engraved permanently onto your memories!

Apart from the opulent wildlife, ‘South Africa’ is also famous for its spectacular landscape & other numerous attractions. You can enjoy watching mammoth whales along the African coast or can enjoy swimming with friendly penguins. Wineyard exploration, wine tasting, mountain climbing, ostrich riding, river rafting… the list of activities in South Africa is unending! Don’t forget to explore the thriving cities like Cape Town & Durban! Also, do visit an enchanting site along the Cape Town’s coastline, where the roaring Atlantic tides clash with the warm, gentle waters of the Indian Ocean!

  • Hawaii, USA:
Hawaii - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

Live volcanoes, pristine beaches, crystalline seas & plenty of sunshine! The Hawaiian islands have always remained the hot favorite among the Americans! You can enjoy diving & snorkeling with your family along Maui Island or Big Island. Witnessing the streams of smoking lava getting washed into the sea may give you goose bumps. You can also enjoy the thrill of walking on the lava bed at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park on ‘Big Island’.

  • Bali, Indonesia:
Bali - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

The tiny Indonesian island that floats in the crystalline waters of the ‘Indian Ocean’ is the perfect destination to get away from the bustling city-life & boring chores! You can enjoy roaming through the adorable local markets & buying beautiful artifacts or can explore charming Hindu & Buddhist temples! ‘Bali’ is also renowned for its rejuvenating spa treatments. The ‘Diving spots in Bali’ have earned a huge reputation for its variety in types of diving. So, if you are seriously looking to get rid of all the fatigue & boredom in your life, visit ‘Bali’, stay back & enjoy the mouth-watering Bali food amidst the  tranquility & the pleasing greenery of this divine island!

  • Thailand:
Thailand - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

Let it be a family trip, a romantic getaway or an adventure outing, you simply can’t miss out this exotic country in the ‘South-East Asia’! Blessed with some of the most stunning beaches in the world & ample sunlight, ‘Thailand’ allures the visitors from all age groups! While you can enjoy lingering around Thailand’s bustling capital- Bangkok, for hours with your family, the unique ‘Tuk-Tuk’ ride through narrow lanes or boating on the canals will definitely win your children’s hearts!

‘Thailand’ also has plenty of options for the peace-loving families! You can head to the Ko Chang Island, which has long, sandy beaches & soothing waters. You can also opt for fun-filled Kayak trips to the neighboring islands! Visiting Phuket for sailing in the Andaman Sea is also a great idea, suitable for spending some quality ‘family moments’! Myriad trek routes that start from Pai town are more than enough to introduce your children with some of the best forests in the world! Apart from these salient features, Thailand’s vibrant culture, jolly locals & gorgeous temples will always accompany you throughout your stay in this colorful country!

  • Italy:
Italy - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

One of the most celebrated tourist hubs in the world, the land of the ‘Azzurris’ has a bevy of alternatives to appease the vacationing needs of all sorts of tourists! Being the birthplace of many delicious dishes, including pizza & spaghetti & home of world’s finest ice-creams, Italy instantaneously wins hearts of the young chaps!

You can take your family to see the unrivaled artworks of the world’s finest of the sculptors & painters from the Renaissance period or can spend some time exploring adorable hamlets & widespread vineyards in the highlands! Visit islands in the Mediterranean Sea to witness the glory of the Italian Riviera or stay in a lavish villa along the picturesque Lake Como.

Moreover, well behaved Italians love families & children. The divine beauty of this incredible country, tasty foods & friendly locals will make your trip to Italy worth remembering forever!

  • Canada:
Canada - Best Family Vacation Destinations

Top 10 Best Family Vacation Destinations

World’s second largest country of Canada is renowned for its exquisite wildlife & untamed forests! If you are looking for camping holidays, secluded & picturesque Canadian forest is the way to go! Canada also hosts many world-class skiing resorts & ‘must-try’ skiing destinations! The massive lengths & breadths of this peaceful country houses some of the best national parks such as Gros Morne National Park, while the coastline is adorned with the captivating sandy beaches!

Canada’s fame for its lower crime rates is also an added benefit to make it a top priority for travelling with your family. Canadian cities like Ottawa are counted to be among the most beautiful cities in the world. Canada is the complete package that offers you an excellent blend of the world’s most advanced technology & the rugged beauty of the nature at the same place!