Embarking upon a new voyage & exploring the globe which is full of surprises without having anyone to accompany is the latest trend in the world of people blessed with wandering spirits! They call it as the ‘Solo Travelers’ & also claims that it is the best way to discover not only the treasures hidden in various parts of the world, but also the true side of your personality.

Solo traveling can give you one of the most mesmerizing experiences in your life & can help you feel empowered to tackle most of the difficulties that may threaten to impede your way.

Here we present a list of the top 10 nations in the world which can be reckoned as genuine abodes for ‘wannabe’ solo travelers. The nations in the list are selected based upon the safety & the generosity of the locals to welcome the visitors!

  • Costa Rica:
Costa Rica - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Costa Rica

This exotic country in Central America is reckoned as the ‘Happiest Country’ in the world as it is a top rank holder of the global index of the happiest countries. This adorable country has got everything to attract the tourists from all over the world. Whether surfing on the Pacific coast or white water rafting in rivers like ‘Pacuare’ or ‘Reventazon’ or it may be hiking in cloud forest… Costa Rica is blessed with myriad tourist attraction. Friendly locals & cozy lodges can be considered as the perk, which will never let you feel alone making your every moment in here simply amazing!

  • New Zealand:
New Zealand - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – New Zealand

The country that proudly boasts its nickname as ‘Kiwis’, scores notably high in the list of safety rankings & is considered as the Mecca for all of them who like to spice up their lives by trying their hand on some adventurous activities. This incredible country offers audacious trips to explore cunning glaciers, picturesque rainforests & heavenly peaks of the Southern Alps. And of course, how can we forget mentioning about the nerve-wrecking bungee jumping & jet boating? Moreover, vibrant nightlife & the company of broad-minded & open-hearted local ‘Kiwis’ will surely make you to spend a few more days than you originally thought of!

  • Switzerland:
Switzerland - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Switzerland

This ultimate choice of honeymooners makes up to one of the top ranked choices for Solo travelers as well! Pristine lakes, snow-capped mountains, awe-inspiring foliage, pleasant atmosphere & much needed peace of mind… Switzerland has got everything a traveler can just ask for! Good hiking shoes, Swiss rail pass- good for all sorts of public transports & yes, a nice smile on the face & you are all set to explore this magnificent land of finest quality cheese & imposing Swiss watches! Extravagant expenses may be a thing of a bit concern though!

  • Chile:
Chile - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Chile

This 3,000 mile long South American country is revered by many travelers as an ideal place for solo travelers. The diverse nature & warm-hearted Chileans make it sure that none of the tourist would have disappointing stay in this country. The long running dessert & coastline along with the sky tapering mountains guarantees the satisfaction of the wandering souls visiting this part of the world. Visiting the capital city of Chile named- ‘Santiago’ can be the cherry on top as you will find quirky buildings, nice restaurants & typical bohemian bars ready to greet you with wide open arms! If you want to live like a diehard solo traveler, you gotta experience this South American splendor!

  • Vietnam:
Vietnam - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Vietnam

This South East Asian country is a divine land for all sorts of travelers around the world. Vibrant markets, mouth-watering street foods & of course jolly locals make this fantastic country worth visiting at least once in the lifetime. Although the mountains of the ‘Central Highlands’ & opulent coastline are there to appease most of the tourists, huge markets that flourish on the streets of Vietnam’s main cities are real USP of this vivacious country. Vietnam is the 2nd happiest country in the world & it is also famous for being relatively cheaper than most of other destinations with the same caliber as that of Vietnam!

  • Indonesia:
Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Indonesia

Indonesia is a place where the modern lifestyle & ancient spirituality goes hand-in-hand! ‘Bali’ is the most revered place in Indonesia, which has earned the fame for mesmerizing ancient temples, spirituality, yoga, massages, spas & pristine beaches. Affordable organic foods as well as lodging, local markets flooded with the artifacts & smiley local faces are other few reasons why you shouldn’t miss this destination from including in your ‘bucket-list’! For those looking for less crowded places, Indonesia has a wonderful option in the form of ‘Lombok Island’ parted from Bali by a mere 25-minute flight.

  • Thailand: 
Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Thailand

Renowned as the ‘Land of Smiles’, this vibrant South East Asian country shares an inseparable bond with the solo travelers for the past so many years. Blessed with one of the most vivacious city in South East Asia, named ‘Bangkok’, this phenomenal country makes an indelible mark on the mind of every visitor. The other parts of the country reflect the authenticity of its rich culture in the form of Buddhist monasteries, temples & giant statues which are incredible examples of artistry & architecture. Moreover, just like most of the SE Asian countries, here also you will find thriving street markets & sociable locals which will never make you feel here Mr. Lonely!

  • Japan:
Japan - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers

The land of ‘Rising Sun’ Japan is one of the hot favorite destinations of the solo travelers all around the world, & why it shouldn’t be? This tiny nation boasts some of the finest examples of modern technological marvels, at the same time its ancient towns are known for proudly demonstrating the glory of their rich culture & traditional ethics. Japan is the ideal place for all those who roam around in the desperate search of spirituality & peace of mind. Ancient Buddhist monasteries, temples & iconic Zen gardens offer you ample opportunities to meditate. Apart from the spiritual aspect, taking a bullet train ride past magnificent Mt. Fuji & devouring delicious Sushi dishes will always tempt you to extend your stay by a few more days!    

  • Netherlands:
Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers- Netherland

Netherlands is a paradise for solo travelers. Let it be the authentic bike culture or liberal social policies, the Dutch land truly respect open-minded solo-travelers. The Dutch are considered as the most easy-going folks in Europe. The intricate network of canals & slender streets of Amsterdam will help the solo travelers get soaked into Europe’s most friendly culture.

  •  Iceland: 
Iceland - Countries For Solo Travelers

Top 10 Best Countries for Solo Travelers – Iceland

Iceland is a regular customer which invariably makes it to the ‘friendliest countries’ list of most of the solo travelers. Tagged as the safest country in the world, the capital city ‘Reykjavik’ provides the center stage for embarking your voyage to discover hidden gems of Iceland. You can also enjoy the tender sunshine while soaking in the azure lagoons. Riding sturdy Icelandic horses across the daunting landscape is also fairly enjoyed by the solo travelers.

 The delightful way of solo traveling can teach you literally hundreds of thousands of lessons; can broaden your perspective to look at the world & at some delicate moment, may unveil the hidden quality rooted deep inside you. Do try it at least once in your life & see the changes in you!