Hong Kong has always been a popular tourist destination. Hong Kong has many attractions for the visitors and one of the prime among them is the Big Buddha. This is the Tian Tan Buddha which is   located in the Lantau Island at Ngong Ping, the Big Buddha statue is made of bronze. The statue was erected in 1993, which is 34 metres high and faces north, it weighs more than 250 metric tons and was constructed from 202 pieces of bronze. There is a strong metallic frame inside to give the desired strength to the statue. The visitors need to climb the 268 steps uphill towards the statue of Buddha.

Tian Tan Buddha

Tian Tan Buddha

About Tian Tan Buddha

There was a big ceremony when the statue was completed, and in 1993, on 29th December which is considered as the day of enlightenment of Buddha, by the Chinese, there was a big ceremony when the monks from across the world were invited to the shrine. Visitors from all over the world specially China, Taiwan India, Japan ,Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Korea and Thailand as well as U.S.A. attended and participated in the function.

The Po Lin Monastery is located opposite the statue, this monastery is one of the most important Buddhist sanctums in Hong Kong. This monastery is considered as the Buddhist world in the South, and has served as home to many dedicated monks. The Po Lin Monastery which is amidst the lush greenery and mountain scenery has become popular and known to the world due to this statue of Big Buddha.

The majestic Giant Buddha Statue has the right hand raised to deliver blessings to all with the left  resting on the lap in a gesture of generosity, the eyes, lips and the incline of the head of the statue bring depth of character and dignity to Big Buddha. It is indeed worth to climb the steps to have a closer look at the divine statue and also to have a look at the sea views and the mountain scenery.

tian tan

tian tan

There are three floors beneath the statue, they are the hall of Universe, of Benevolent Merit and of Remembrance. The most remarkable being the relic of Gautama Buddha, which contains his cremated remains. In the show room there is also a huge bell, carved with the images of Buddha. The bell is set to ring 108 times in a day symbolising the release of the human vexations, which amounts to 108. Visitors who buy the offerings to Buddha only are permitted to see the relics.

When to Visit?

The Tian Tan Buddha and the Po Lin Monastery are open to public throughout the year at morning 10 AM to evening 5.45 PM. Though there is no entry fee foe the visitors to Buddha and the Monastery, those visitors who wish to go inside Buddha to see the relic have to pay for the admission and offerings.

tian tan


How to Reach?

Visitors can go by car or taxy to the site of Big Buddha from Mui Wo also called as Silvermine bay via ferry. There is Tung Chung Station from where the visitors can go to the site using cable cars. For the convenience of the visitors there is also an option of bus service both from Mui Wo or the Tung Chung station.

Thousands of the visitors throng the area at the time of the Buddha’s Birthday, also a public holiday celebrated in late April or Early May. This is also most opportune time to visit the place.