Sporades Islands is an archipelago along the northeast of Euboea Island and east coast of Greece. It consist of 24-Island which are permanently inhabited by Skiathos, Skopelos, Skyros & Alonnisos. According to the locals, the Sporades Islands reflects some kind of myth with its name. The name ‘Sporades’ means scattered ones. But the island is tossed with coloured pebbles, green hills and aqueous water and shiny sandy beaches. The Island is the best place for memorable vacation.

  • Skiathos
Skiathos - Sporades Islands

Things To Do In Sporades Islands

The Skiathos Island is a closest Sporades Island to the mainland of Greece. It is also an easiest accessible island for visitors. The Island holds around 50-beaches with fun-filled bar-and-clubs, hotels and restaurants. The spot has become a popular vacation spot over the years. Many people visit Skiathos for its popular sandy beaches as a perfect spot for swimming, kayaking, paddle boarding and other water sports.

  • Skopelos
Skopelos - Sporades Islands

Things To Do In Sporades Islands

The Skopelos is most populated Island among other Sporades Islands. The Island is gaining popularity as a tourist destination. Its charming landscapes and picturesque locations attracts global audience.

Skopelos is also ranked as prettiest Island with more than 350 churches, cozy restaurants and array of hotels.

  • Skyros
Skyros - Sporades Islands

Things To Do In Sporades Islands

Skyros is southernmost Island and also the largest island of all. The central location in Aegean makes the attractive with a long line of civilization. The Island holds more than 300 churches major of which are privately owned. The island has numerous stunning beaches, but lacks luxury accommodations which are offered on other isles. The island also has a castle, which dates back from the 13th century, a Venetian dungeon, Byzantine monasteries and Bronze Age settlement shows unique side of cultural history.

  • Alonissos
Alonissos - Sporades Islands

Things To Do In Sporades Islands

The Alonissos Island is less crowded as compared to other Sporades Island. Alonissos holds a bundle of landscape, wide trail system for exploration. It is also titled as National Marine Park, hence the crystal clear water too is protected. The Megali Ammos pebbled beach is great for swimming and is located close to main port Patitiri.