There are mysterious places which has its own part of the story. Inukshuk is one of the place, with mysterious stone figures. The stone figures are known as inuksuit, the word ‘Inukshuk’ means ‘in the likenesses of a human’. The figures in the area are made of unworked stones, which were used as Inuit for survival and communication.

What is Inuksuk?


The Story of Inukshuk Of Canada

Inuksuk is a man-made stone landmark situated in Artic region of North America. These structure, which are man-made from stone, can be found from Greenland to Alaska. The objects are most important which are created by first people who inhabited respective portion of Alaska, Artic Greenland and Canada. According to few Archaeologists, the artefacts which came into existence when missionaries started appeared in Arctic. Some inuksuit found adjoining to Palaeoeskimo sites from 2400 – 1800BC.

Inuksuit are placed as temporal landscape, which act as helpers to the Inuit. Among several functions, the place is used as a navigational & hunting aid. It also serves as coordination points, different indicators and message centres. Few Inuit has earthly functions, while some have spiritual connotations, an object of veneration. The place also offers Inummariit – the Inuit who knows how to live & survive in quite traditional way. The Inuksuk was constructed by SHAMAN, which are also believed to be an instrument of shamanic practice.


The Story of Inukshuk Of Canada

The sculptures:

The sculptures are significant & oldest object placed by human, which then became a symbol of Inuit & their homeland. Inuit tradition prohibits the destruction of Inuksuit. An Inuksuk is often termed as a symbol from ancestor who knew how to survive in the traditional way. It can be large or small rock made from single rock, which is unique with the type of arrangement and with a purpose.


The Story of Inukshuk Of Canada

Last but not least information about the site in Artic regions, the stone structures are formed like human being called Inunnguaq.