Huacachina is a village located in the Ica Region, in the southern part of Peru. The Huacachina situated near the city of Ica in Ica District. The village is built around natural lake in the desert. The place is also known as ‘Oasis of America’, oasis features 50 Nuevo Sol. The place serves as resort for families with options of tourist activities.

Huacachina The Oasis Village

The Oasis village is an hour drive from the Pacific coast, it has a collection of resorts and restaurants surrounded around blue-green laguna with high sand dunes. The tourist is built on three points: beauty of dry desert, sand dunes and desert activities like sand board, four wheel dune buggies. The economy of the village is depends on tourism. As majority of visitors are foreigner tourist.

Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina The Oasis Village Worth To Visit

According to the myths by legends of the village, a mermaid living in the laguna takes a man every year. While, its inability to swim by Peruvians. Other people consider the cause of frequent drowning is due to a muscles cramp, as warm water on the oasis mix with cooler part of water settled down.

How to Reach?

Getting at the tourist spot is easy, as the spot is accessible by several modes of transport. There are direct buses from Nazca, Paracas, Cusco, Arequipa, Lima known as Peru Hop. Some tour travel buses take to Ica, while others provide you pick & drop service. There are also shuttle bus from other location to reach to this place.

A few kilometre far from bustling city spending few days in a calm environment where days are hot and the nights cold. Municipal bus routes was closed few years back, finding a taxi at this place is not hard. But opting for registered taxi is recommended to ensure safety. Also one won’t have a shortage of hotel list in this area.

The Huacachina Oasis Village is extremely small, where one can walk from one end to another. Tourism at this place is quite affordable, taxi charge from 2.5 to 3 soles from one location to another. It is the cheapest way to opt for.

Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina The Oasis Village Worth To Visit

Things To Do

  • Lagoon

At Lagoon, one can hire row boats or boats to paddle. One can also swim in lagoon.

  • Walk On Sand Dunes

A walk on sand dunes can be more exciting. To soak in the sun and walk on the huge dunes can take an hour depending on the stamina or health state of a person. The view of the village is spectacular, how can we miss to mention rolling from the huge sand dunes. Carrying a Camera becomes essential to capture the splendid sunset.

  • Sandboarding

Renting a board for sandboarding can make your day. Choosing between board can be a bit difficult for beginners, due to difference between sand grains, and opting for snowboard might disappoint you due to its pace.

Huacachina Oasis

Huacachina The Oasis Village Worth To Visit

  • Swimming

Beat the heat! Carrying swimming suit becomes essential to dive in the swimming pool.

  • Terrain Vehicle

Renting a four wheeler terrain vehicle and hitting huge sand dunes is an ultimate experience. A voyage in terrain vehicle can cost you around $40 per hour, which probably is a bit expensive!

One can find several options of dinning and relaxing Inn. Dropping a visit to this Huacachina Oasis Village is totally worth!