Bologna is a city in Italy, it is situated in the heart of Italy. Also, the seventh largest city in Italy. The first settlement was dated at least 1000BC. It is an urban centre today, and is the capital of Emila- Romagna region. It is a historical city with around 3,80,000 population. It is popular for its oldest university in the Western world.


The Food Capital Bologna An Italian City

Bologna is famous for food and a well-administered city. The beauty of the city is compared next to Venice and today is a largest well-preserved Italian city. The overall architecture of the city consists of terracotta reds, warm yellows, burnt yellow. The town centre features miles of attractive walkway, which is known as ‘Portico’, and is one of the best preserved city in Europe.

When to visit

Best time to visit is from April to October, the climate is quite pleasant. The ambience gets more pleasant when sitting in squares such as Piazza Maggiore, Pizza Santo Stefano. During August and July the climate is not that hot.


The Food Capital Bologna An Italian City

Winter in the city is quite cold, two weeks prior to Christmas is very stunning. Clear skies, clear weather makes each day more delightful.

Things to See

Piazza Maggiore : It is a large Pedestrian square located in the monumental centre of the city. It is surrounded by the Basilica of San Petronio, Palazzo Del Podesta and Portica Dei Banchi.

Via Rizzoli: It is the Main Street of Bologna. Also known as melting point and strolling area for several visitor.

Fontana De Nettuno: Also dubbed as Piazza Del Nettuno. It is a fountain which is built in the year 1563, by Tommasa Laureti of Palmero. It was later embellished by Jen De Boulogne. Today, it is considered as Bologna’s symbol.

bologna piazza maggiore italy

The Food Capital Bologna An Italian City

University Quarters: It is full of restaurants and bar. The University of Bologna is oldest European University founded 900 years ago.

Visitors can also find several choices of food to eat. As it is also considered as the Food Capital. It is difficult to find poor food in Bologna.