The Skibo Castle is located in the west of Dornoch in Highland, in Scotland. The Castle dates back to the 12th century, while the structure very much represents 19th and early 20th century style. The castle was the residence of Andrew Carnegie, an industrialist. The castle is now operated by Carnegie Club.

The Story behind the Skibo Castle, Scotland – 

Castles are huge, Castles are not a common gift to be presented to a little girl. But then Margaret Carnegie was not just any little girl. Margaret Carnegie was the daughter of an industrialist, Andrew Carnegie. Andrew Carnegie was world’s wealthiest industrialist. He was quite determined to gift this castle to his daughter. The castle was then gift of Scottish child. Margaret Carnegie was born in the year 1897, her parents had set a dream and a fairy tale for her.

Skibo Castle

Skibo Castle A Huge Mansion For Privileged Guest

The Skibo Castle was huge with a wall of oaks, bathroom lining with marble, windows of stained glass, a huge library and so. At the beginning, Rudyard Kipling, King Edward VII, David Llyod George and Rockefellers were all guests. After her death, the castle was then bought by series of millionaires. Recently, Ellis Short who was owner of Sunderland FC, runs and manages this as a private club with 400 members.

Entry into the castle needs club’s membership. However, little space is opened for just private members, the vicarage doors are opened for potential members. The castle is spread on 7,500 acres of land, 22 panelled bedrooms, and 11-cottages or lodges for guest. The guest are heartened to reside in Skibo Castle as a private home.

Interior of Skibo Castle

skibo castle- interior

Skibo Castle A Huge Mansion For Privileged Guest

Skibo Castle - The Carnegie Club

Skibo Castle A Huge Mansion For Privileged Guest

History of Skibo Castle

The Skibo Castle was first in charter from the year 1211. According to history, it was the residence of Bishop of Caithness. The Castle then remained a residence until 1545, the estate then became tactical measure by the church. The estate was given to John Gray to reinforce alliance and create a threat during the uprising toward north.

In year 1745, Robert Gray capitulated the estate. It was then bought by a relative in the year 1760. The ownership kept on changing until 1872. Then by the year 1872, it was bought by the Evan Charles, who improved the castle condition of the house. The condition of the house was again declined by 1897, after which industrialist Andrew Carnegie took the castle on lease for one-year, but with an opion to purchase in 1898 with an amount of £85,000. But with not so good condition of the castle, he had to spent £2-million amount for its improvement. The Castle is spread on 16,000 sq-feet, plus the 18-holes of golf course and Loch Ospisdale.

sibo castle scotland

Skibo Castle A Huge Mansion For Privileged Guest


The Skibo Castle stayed under Carnegie family till the year 1982, which then was purchased by Peter De Savary and was used as a purpose and named it as ‘Carnegie Club’. Peter De Savary sold the Skibo Castle to Ellis Short in the year 2003, for £23-million.

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