The Sequioa National Park is situated in southern Sierra Nevada, California in the United States. The Park was established in the year 1890, on 25th September. It is spread over 404,064 acres of land. It has highest natural resources, with vertical relief of 13,000-feet. It is situated in south of King Canyon National Park. Today, both the park King Canyon National Park and Sequioa Park are administered by the National Park service.

Sequioa derives its name from giant Sequoia trees, which include General Sheerman tree one of the largest tree on planet earth. The Sequoia tree are known as one of the largest tree, which contain 5-out of the 10 largest trees. The Park is surrounded by stunning landscape which is preserved and resembles the Southern Sierra Nevada.

About the Park

Sequioa National Park

Sequioa National Park A Sequoia Trees Territory

There are several things to do at the park, than to just visit the trees. The foothills region of the park is resident to several species like ground squirrels, foxes, bobcats, mule deer, and rattle snakes and so on. Mountain Lion and Pacific fishers are also seen at times. The park is rich with different plant species and trees. The Park service protects its ecosystem which consist of Yucca Plants, Chaparral foothills, blue oak woodlands, and many more.

More Park Attractions

The Park is not just known for its fishing, camping, back-packing, but also for other several park attractions.

  • Tokopah Falls

The Tokopah Falls trail starts from the Marble Fork Bridge. It is 1.7-miles and can be reached to Kaweah River, and experience impressive waterfall of Tokopah Canyon and granite cliffs. The Fall is 1,200-feet high and most stunning view to capture during summer season.

  • Tunnel Log

The Tunnel Log is a Tunnel cut through Sequoia tree. The tree is 21-feet in diameter and 275-feet high. It fell across the park in the year 1937, due to natural calamity. Then, following year crew cut down the 8-foot part and 17-foot of its diameter to make wide tunnel.

Tunnel Log - Sequioa National Park

Sequioa National Park A Sequoia Trees Territory

  • Giant Forest Museum

Tourists can gather a great and valuable amount of information about giant Sequoia trees and human history. The historic museum provides good information about the park and forest. The Park was built by Architect Gilbert Stanley Underwood.

  • Moro Rock

It is the Granite dome, which is in the center of the park, at the top of Moro Creek. It is situated between Crescent Meadow and Giant Forest. It was built by Civilian Conservation Crop in the year 1930, today visitors can hike to the top. The stairways lead to the top.

  • Sherman Tree Trail

It is a round trip trail that descends from paring base to General Sherman tree and wanders through giant sequoia trees.

Sherman Tree Trail - Sequioa National Park

Sequioa National Park A Sequoia Trees Territory

  • Crescent Meadow

It is small, rimmed meadows in the giant Sequoia forest region. The Sierran Mountain marks the trail from the western terminus of High Sierra and stretches to the Great Western Divide of Mount Whitney. The Meadow lies over 3-miles of the path near the Giant Forest Museum.